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The alcohol delirium (delirium tremens)

An alcohol delirium has some special features. It is important that there is no classic alcohol delirium. Rather, a distinction is made between the rarer continuity delirium, which develops despite alcohol consumption, and the much more frequent alcohol withdrawal delirium, which begins one to three days after the cessation of alcohol intake. About one in ten alcoholics develop delirium during their alcoholism career.

Causes and Symptoms of alcohol lover

Often, the alcohol elirir is triggered by an accident in which the wounds of the alcoholic sufferer are cared for in the hospital, but he is, for example, by an unconsciousness, unable to point out his alcoholic disease: As a result, he gets no alcohol and after a few days device he into a withdrawal delirium.

This form shows the same symptoms as any other delirium; In addition, characteristic features are often an increased suggestibility, which can be expressed as follows: If one asks the person concerned to read something from a blank sheet of paper or to pick up a non-existing thread from the coverlet, he carries out both activities without contradiction. Almost half of all alcohol delirium begins with an epileptic seizure, the delirium symptoms are more pronounced.

What can you do against a delirium?

The most important thing is to find the triggering cause of the delirium - because only then can the symptomatic measures permanently lead to an improvement of the state of health. Symptomatically, all important cardiovascular parameters are monitored, the intake of water and food is controlled and medications are given for the disorders of perception, psychomotor, sleep and arousal. If the person is extremely agitated and at risk of injury, calming medicines are used - in rare cases, the fixation of the patient may be necessary.

Treat an alcohol elirir

In the case of the alcohol delirium, special medicines are additionally added that reduce the withdrawal symptoms. In order to prevent the neurological sequelae, also a high-dose vitamin administration is necessary to avert possible nerve damage. A delirium often returns after a few days, but an alcohol delirium can last longer, in extreme cases up to 20 days.

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