The Ear - Why listen to conductors better

The sense organ Ohr works before birth and maintains its function for the longest in the dying. The ear is important for our social life - we perceive sounds, sounds and noises through our ear. The ear is the most delicate and active sensory organ of the human being, even during sleep it responds to acoustic signals.

Conductors hear better, because good listening can be trained

A study by the University of Magdeburg and two universities in Hanover came to the conclusion that conductors have a much better spatial hearing than other people. The reason for this is apparently the intensive work-related training with an orchestra. What applies to conductors also applies to "Otto Normalverbraucher". Listening experiences stimulate brain processes. Conversely, it is also the case that the brain can unlearn the evaluation of certain hearing areas when they are no longer perceived. Sound waves that reach the ear are converted into signals that reach the hearing center of the brain via special neural pathways where they are analyzed and interpreted. These very complex processes have not yet been researched in detail. Our hearing diminishes throughout life, but one can "train good hearing".

Whoever listens badly for years, forgets to understand

Dr. Karin Uphoff from the Fördergemeinschaft Gutes Hören: "If you feel that you are no longer hearing properly, go for a non-committal hearing test to a hearing care professional or have your ears examined by an ENT specialist That's the only way your brain has the chance to continue to understand everything - just like that. "

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