Can you wake sleepwalkers?

Sleepwalking is a rare phenomenon. About 15% of the 5 to 12 year olds have already been affected by sleepwalking. However, until puberty, the proportion drops drastically and at adult age this form of sleep disturbance hardly occurs. What is behind it and how does one behave when meeting a sleepwalker? The phenomenon of sleepwalking belongs to the so-called parasonies. This refers to abnormal events during sleep or at the threshold between being awake and sleeping. The behavior during sleepwalking is complex. A simple sitting up, what is called a "confused waking up" or a walk through the apartment can occur.When you wake up you can usually remember nothing.

The "sleepwalking security"

There is a widespread assumption that the sleepwalking person can orient himself well and as a rule does not endanger himself. Research, however, prove the opposite. The coordination of movements is extremely bad. Often the sleepwalker stumbles or starts to waver.

Running straight ahead is one of the biggest dangers. Despite open eyes, the sleepwalker does not see if anything is moving towards him. Obstacles can cause him injuries. In addition, there is a risk of falling, because the sleepwalker does not notice when his path ends.

How should one behave when meeting a sleepwalker?

A sleepwalker is usually unresponsive. When he gives an answer, he articulates badly. One should try to direct the sleepwalker back to his bed. It must be avoided at all costs to wake him up. Otherwise he would be scared and disturbed by his current situation.

In case of danger he would probably react wrongly out of fear. In the rarest cases it happens that a sleepwalker becomes palpable. When returning the sleeper, it is only important to protect him from himself.

Does the moon play a role in sleepwalking?

Sleepwalking is also referred to as "moonlighting." In fact, the sleepwalker tends to orient itself at a light source, which may be the moon or any other light. Today, the moon probably no longer plays such a large role he, in a usual residential area, is one light among many.

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