Is it allowed to warm mushrooms?

From our mothers and grandmothers we were told again and again that mushroom dishes should not be reheated. Is that true? The advice comes from a time when hygiene standards in food preparation and storage were not as high as they are today. Thanks to the invention of the refrigerator, the re-warming of mushrooms is harmless today.

Warm up mushrooms, yes or no?

Yes, the warming up of mushrooms is harmless. Why is that? Essentially, mushrooms consist of water and protein. A perishable combination in which the proteins are decomposed by oxygen and bacteria and can form toxic decomposition products. Heat accelerates these unwanted degradation processes while cold slows down this process.

How do you treat mushroom leftovers?

If you leave the remnants of the mushroom dish in the refrigerator as soon as possible after the meal, they can easily survive the next 24 hours. Then heat the mushrooms well, to at least 70 degrees, then nothing can happen. However, you should never leave a dish with mushrooms at room temperature for extended periods or keep warm.

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