So that grilling does not hit the liver

Finally, the barbecue season starts again: Sausages, pork chop or steak just taste better from the grill than from the pan. But probably it is also the pinch of summer, which gives additionally the right spice. Even persons with a sensitive stomach or a tendency to heartburn should not take notice of the edge of the fat or burnt food ("that tastes even better") or a glass of beer more or less. The next morning comes the regret - or after the next report on carcinogenic substances in the grill.

Especially people with irritable stomach are sensitive to fatty meats with rich sauces. If the whole thing is accompanied by plenty of alcohol, heartburn or stomach ache will quickly set in, as fat and alcohol are considered classic acid relaxers. As an alternative to lean pieces of meat such as neck chops, steaks, loins or poultry fish skewers or -pfännchen on - or fish, because this comes in this country, although so healthy, far too rare on the table.

If you like it exotic, you can try plantains - they contain valuable carbohydrates, which are especially important for a healthy diet. Meat does not need additional fat for grilling, the vegetables can be drizzled with vegetable oil. Instead of fat sauces, quark dips with fresh herbs and garlic are recommended. Scientists from the Dortmund-based Max Planck Institute have found that spices increase well-being and performance, eg. For example, mustard promotes fat digestion and can therefore reduce heartburn and flatulence.

Marjoram is astringent and loosening spasm. The spice turmeric (included in curry) relieves irritable stomach aches and bloating as well as the artichoke. Hardly any other medicinal plant is as well researched as the artichoke. It contains a high content of bitter substances and cynarin, a relative of caffeic acid. These substances stimulate gastric juice and bile production. The fat digestion is improved and the detoxification activity of the liver supported.

Even with nausea, bloating and feeling of fullness, the artichoke proves to be helpful. When taken over a long period of time, the artichoke even lowers the cholesterol level. To improve the digestion of fat, therefore, a glass of artichoke juice is recommended as a digestive cocktail before the meal (eg Losapan artichoke plant juice with the active ingredient artichoke flower bud juice or Losapan capsules with the active ingredient Artichoke leaf dry extract).

Barbecue without remorse

  • Let coals burn through properly.
  • Do not let grease drip into the embers, shield food from grilling.
  • Do not eat burned food.
  • No cured meat products are grilling.
  • Fish, vegetables, fruits over meat give preference.
  • Low-fat meats and sauces prevent heartburn in stomach patients.
  • Providing plenty of side dishes, such as bread and salads, reduces the consumption of grilled meat.
  • Do not leave meat and salads in the sun beforehand, this increases the risk of bacterial colonization.
  • Only use charcoal, anything else can release toxic fumes (eg painted wood, waste paper).

On hot days, the body loses a lot of fluid - with alcohol, the drainage is driven even further: against a glass of wine or beer, of course, nothing to say, but the thirst should be eradicated better alcohol-free - not least, therefore, to protect the liver.

Although the liver has an extremely high capacity for regeneration and reserve capacity, it can not swallow everything. The liver is our largest and most important organ. It rebuilds our nutrients, but it also has a vital function in the detoxification of alcohol and pollutants. If the willingness to perform of the liver is constantly overwhelmed by alcohol abuse, exposure to harmful substances and the wrong diet, it will lead to pathological changes in the liver.

According to the Deutsche Leberhilfe e. V. are about 3.5 million Germans liver disease. Every year, 5, 000 Germans die of liver cancer and presumably more than one million people in Germany suffer from alcohol-related fatty liver or chronic liver inflammation. At least 50% of all liver fatty deposits detected by the doctor are attributed to alcohol abuse. A fatty liver is reversible, but the transition to cirrhosis is fluid. Therefore, it is especially important to limit the consumption of alcohol - grilling is fun with family and friends even without alcohol.

The liver likes the thistles of Mary

Already known since antiquity as liver protection is the milk thistle, whose liver protective properties are now gaining new prominence. Milk thistle preparations (eg Alepa forte) support the detoxification activity of liver cells. The active ingredient of the milk thistle is the silymarin, a mixture of several secondary plant constituents (flavonoids). The main component is the flavonoid silibinin. Silymarin protects the liver cell from destruction and stimulates its regeneration. The milk thistle therefore serves to treat toxic liver damage and supports the treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases and liver cirrhosis.

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