So that grilling does not hit the stomach

Finally, the barbecue season starts again: Sausages, pork chop or steak just taste better from the grill than from the pan. But probably it is also the pinch of summer, which gives the Schmauß the right spice. Even persons with a sensitive stomach or a tendency to heartburn should not take notice of the edge of the fat or burnt food ("that tastes even better") or a glass of beer more or less. The next morning comes the regret - or after the next report on carcinogenic substances in the grill.

Fat and alcohol cause heartburn

Especially people with irritable stomach are sensitive to fatty meats with rich cocktail or mayonnaise sauces. If the whole thing is accompanied by plenty of alcohol, heartburn or stomach ache will quickly set in, as fat and alcohol are considered classic acid relaxers. As an alternative to lean pieces of meat such as neck chops, steaks, loins or poultry, vegetable skewers or fish, as it comes in this country, although so healthy, far too rare on the table.

Exotic alternative

If you like it exotic, you can try cooking banana - they contain valuable carbohydrates, which are especially important for a healthy diet. Meat does not need additional fat for grilling, the vegetables can be drizzled with vegetable oil. Instead of fat sauces, they make quark dips with fresh herbs and garlic.

Spices increase well-being and performance

Dr. Glatzel from the Max Planck Institute in Dortmund has even found that spices increase well-being and performance, for example, mustard promotes fat digestion and can therefore relieve heartburn and flatulence. Marjoram (also called sausage herb) is stomach-strengthening and antispasmodic. The spice turmeric (included in curry) relieves irritable stomach aches and bloating - and goes well with chicken banana.

Sensitive people therefore benefit from Curcuma preparations (for example Curcumen) from the Javan Turmeric Curcuma xanthorrhiza.

Alcohol attracts stomach acid and hangover

On hot days, the body loses a lot of fluid - by alcohol, the drainage is driven even further: against a glass of wine or beer, of course, nothing to say, but you should first make sure to quench your thirst with non-alcoholic mixed drinks. This is especially true for heartburn-afflicted. Excess acid is bound, for example, by the active ingredient Algeldrat. In contrast, simethicone relaxes the bloated and irritated gastrointestinal area: the ideal combination (Paractol) for the evening and the morning after.

Do not be afraid of grilling

Especially people with sensitive stomach suffer from the fear of stomach or intestinal cancer and therefore often completely abstain from grilling. Despite all the horror stories about the risk of cancer caused by crickets, nobody has to do without the summer fun. If some rules are observed: It is important that the coals are properly annealed, preferably 45 minutes. After all, they excrete carcinogenic substances, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

The same applies to the grilled, which is already black on the outside and still bloody inside. Because burned up also promotes the development of cancer. Anyone who uses gasoline or methylated spirits for lack of time to start the fire risks serious burns. More dangerous are grill lighters, which must also be completely burned, otherwise toxic fumes are produced.

Incidentally, the addition of mustard not only makes fatty foods more compatible, but also makes the spicy paste disarm the carcinogenic hydrocarbons, according to food chemist Udo Pollmer.

When fat becomes poison

The grilling is criticized mainly because of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which also arise, for example, when meat juice or fat dripping into the embers and burns there. The food to be grilled sucks fully from the steam, which is additionally inhaled. Make sure that extra fat meat is well shielded, for example, cooked in aluminum pans.

Cured or smoked meat (such as ham, smoked bacon, Leberkäse, Kasseler, Wiener) should not be grilled, which form the high temperatures carcinogenic nitrosamines. By the way, additionally used fat should heat up high. High-quality cold-pressed edible oils lose their health-promoting properties due to high temperatures.

Barbecue without remorse

  • Let coals burn through properly.
  • Do not let grease drip into the embers, shield food from grilling.
  • Do not eat burned food.
  • No cured meat products are grilling.
  • Fish, vegetables, fruits over meat give preference.
  • Low-fat meats and sauces prevent heartburn in stomach patients.
  • Providing plenty of side dishes, such as bread and salads, reduces the consumption of grilled meat.
  • Do not leave meat and salads in the sun beforehand, this increases the risk of bacterial colonization.
  • Only use charcoal, anything else can release toxic fumes (for example, painted wood, waste paper).
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