Chronic constipation

Treatment of chronic constipation

25 percent of the western population suffer from chronic constipation. This widespread disease leads to a significant impairment of the quality of life and produces a high level of suffering for those affected.
The usual recommendations, that is more fiber, more exercise and a lot of drinking, especially in people with chronic constipation do not always succeed. Experts then advise the use of laxatives. These should have no side effects and do not make dependent.

Nutrition change and sport

The recommendations for constipation are always the same: more fiber, more exercise and a lot of drinking. In all cases, these measures are not enough to solve the problem. Scientists have found that the symptoms improve in less than half of the patients when they consume more fiber.

The same is true of the tip to move more: the study situation is not clear. In bedridden individuals, the symptoms of constipation improve as they resume their normal day-to-day activities. Still unproven, however, is whether additional sporting activities can counteract constipation.

No adviser for patients dispenses with the indication that an increased fluid intake can alleviate the constipation. However, there is no scientific data to show that increasing daily intake by one to two liters has a positive effect on constipation.


Nevertheless, one should first follow the recommendations for nutrition and movement change. Only if these measures do not help in the medium term, the use of laxatives is recommended. It should be ensured that the chosen agent is effective and well tolerated. Above all, a long-term use without habituation should be possible. In addition, no drug interactions, flatulence and convulsions should occur. In particular, neither water nor minerals should be removed from the body, as this can cause lasting damage to your health and even increase constipation.

This variety of conditions usually only laxatives laxative. A well-tolerated drug group seems to represent macrogols in combination with minerals. These preparations do not affect the water and electrolyte balance and are therefore often recommended as the laxative of choice. Macrogols are usually taken in powdered form together with water, soften and dilute the stool in the colon, causing it to be excreted more easily.

However, always discuss with your doctor a long-term use of a laxative, so that they can inform you about any possible side effects or dangers.

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