Chiropractic: When will which therapy be used?

When will which form of therapy be used?

Manual medicine / chirotherapy is used when a joint of the spine or the periphery is restricted in its movement - ie in pain and reduced mobility in the area of ​​the spine, the shoulders, the pelvic area or the chest.
It should not be used in cases of recent injuries to the spine and joints, herniated discs, inflammation or tumors in the painful region, osteoporosis or circulatory disorders.

Also the chiropractic and the physiotherapy techniques are allowed or forbidden with the same complaints. They regulate the muscle tension, stabilize the joints, eliminate the pain and train the coordination.

Kinesiology, on the other hand, is used for a wide variety of ailments. According to her concept, she allows statements on internal organ conditions, which can be read on the basis of the muscle reaction.

Also with the osteopathy different complaints can be treated. Since the manipulative and mobilizing handles overlap with those of chiropractic, the same limitations apply. However, osteopathy not only deals with musculoskeletal disorders but also disorders of the internal organs. Frequently, osteopathic treatment is performed in addition to conventional medical therapy.

While thorn therapy is used to treat joint problems and Bowtech and Rolfing want to improve their emotional well-being, manual neurotherapy is used for the body and mind.

For which treatments do the health insurances cover the costs?

Since chiropractic is recognized in conventional medicine and is performed by trained doctors, the health insurance companies take over the costs partially or completely with appropriate complaints. For all other procedures, the reimbursement depends heavily on your fund.

It's best to ask your therapist what the cost of the treatment will be before you start treatment, and then decide on a case-by-case basis if you want to cover the cost of the therapy.

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