Checklist retirement home

The decision to step into a retirement home is a big step for everyone involved. But when one's own strength subsides, memory becomes weaker and older people no longer feel safe in their own home, the path sooner or later leads to a retirement home. This not only means abandoning the familiar environment, dear neighbors and, of course, your own home, where you have lived for a long time, but also losing a bit of personal freedom and self-determination.

Checklist retirement home

In addition, the move to a retirement home also means a significant change in the living situation. The stay in the nursing home is not temporary, such as in the hospital, but usually permanent. Only a few people move out of the old people's home back into their own four walls. Nevertheless, there is no reason to be afraid of going to a nursing home or nursing home. The following article serves as a retirement home checklist.

Retirement home: benefits of care

Many so-called retirement homes offer today as a retirement home modern, friendly facilities, bright rooms with plenty of space for individual design, good food, spacious gardens and plenty of leisure activities. In addition, a retirement home, especially for single senior citizens, can be a valuable opportunity to socialize and socialize. While at home in your own home is difficult to meet new people, the nursing home offers numerous opportunities to meet like-minded people - whether it's eating together in the dining room, in the common room or with an organized leisure activity.

At the same time, comprehensive nursing care in the nursing home is a tremendous relief for relatives. As a result, they are relieved of strenuous duties and, at the same time, have more time to spend nice hours with those in need of care.

Retirement home: Compare costs, pay attention to quality

Even though there are many beautiful, modern facilities for old people today, there are still big differences in the quality of different nursing homes. Of course, these are often also linked to costs, but those who pay attention to some important criteria in the choice of retirement home, can also find a nice home among the cheaper categories.

First of all, you should consider how important the location of the future place of residence is for you. If you are very attached to your usual environment, your neighbors and friends, you should choose a nursing home nearby. Less local people, however, have a wider range of services and thus greater opportunities to find the perfect retirement home. Especially in rural areas there are often beautiful residential complexes with extensive parks or green areas and attractive leisure facilities.

Nursing Home Rating

Once you have decided on a location, you should definitely take a closer look at the old people's home or nursing home before making a choice. On various Internet platforms, there is now the possibility to evaluate retirement homes. There, residents and relatives can write reports and give grades to the nursing homes.

Nevertheless, a personal visit - if possible from several nursing homes - is recommended. You should afford this effort to make sure you make the right decision - after all, you may spend the rest of your life in the retirement home of your choice.

The personal visit to the retirement home

Pay close attention to the first impression when visiting a retirement home:

  • How does the house work from the outside, how will you receive it?
  • How does it smell, how do you feel?
  • Is there a pleasant order in the corridors of the retirement home? Or is it unhygienic and chaotic, cleaning buckets and laundry bags stand around, garbage cans overflow?

On the other hand, a too sterile environment, reminiscent of a hospital, not just contributes to the well-being.

Also watch the staff guide you through the premises:

  • How does he deal with the inhabitants, which tone prevails in the respective nursing home?
  • Do the carers treat the residents respectfully and kindly, or carelessly and harshly?
  • What do the occupants look like in the corridors - are they cared, combed and appropriately dressed? Or do they make an unhappy, neglected state?

If possible, talk to the residents and ask them for their opinions.

Find out about leisure activities and joint ventures in the retirement home in question:

  • Do the offers match your interests and wishes, or could you not imagine participating?
  • If possible, visit a recreational activity, such as a common singing lesson. Do you feel comfortable doing it, do you feel a sense of community among the elderly home residents?

Important factor in the home for the elderly: food and meals

Also ask to be allowed to join a meal at the retirement home. This not only provides a great opportunity to test the quality of the food and service, but also to engage in conversation with other residents. When eating, look for how it is prepared, whether it is healthy and fresh, whether consideration is given to special requests, whether people in need of help are helped with the meal and how the tables are grouped.

  • Is there a fixed seating arrangement when eating in a retirement home? Do everyone sit at a long table? Or are there comfortable seating groups, where everyone can choose freely, with whom he takes the food together?
  • Also look at the menu: Does most of the food suit your taste? Are the dishes varied and creative, or are they reminiscent of a hospital canteen?

Retirement home: Assess facilities and surroundings

Pay attention to how the retirement home is equipped:

  • Do the furniture look battered and worn, or modern and friendly?
  • Are there any guidelines for the residents, such as signs or a different colored design of the different floors?

What is the environment of the retirement home? For example, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Are there parks or parks for walks?
  • Are doctors, a hairdresser, a kiosk, a massage practice and the like in the immediate vicinity of the nursing home?
  • What is the connection by public transport? This is not only important for personal outings, but also for visits to friends and relatives without a car.

Especially important is the security situation in the old people's home. Is there an emergency button in every room? Is the entrance area monitored? Are there ways to store valuables such as safes or lockers?

Important: Personal conversation with the home management

After the tour of the home, you should speak with relatives with the home office and get advice about the offers. Homes that have nothing to hide will transparently and honestly disclose all costs and benefits. Compare the nursing home costs and the range of homes you have viewed. Here are often significant differences.

Talk to the home management about your wishes and what is important to you - be it specific dietary needs, a pet in the room, an individual room setup or special care. Of course it will not always be possible to fulfill all wishes - but if the home management is at least endeavored and offers you alternative solutions, this is already a good sign.

After the interview, give the list of costs incurred and the range of services offered by the respective home for the elderly and brochures in black and white. So you can worry at home in peace and compare a retirement home with other houses.

Check the contract well

If you have finally decided on a retirement home, a contract is concluded. Let yourself be accompanied and advised by relatives. Check the contract carefully and make sure that all services are described in detail and that all costs are clearly broken down before signing. Here it is good to know that anyone who has signed a contract can withdraw from the agreement within two weeks without incurring any disadvantages.

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