Cereals - Small Calorie Bombs

Small calorie bombs

In addition, straight filled "balls" or "pillows" often contain larger amounts of fat. The chocolaty products for children, for example, together with a cup of whole milk (total 155 grams) already provide about 10 grams of it. This is equivalent to almost a quarter of the daily fat intake recommended for kindergartners. Filled cereals for adults - often with an increased fiber content - usually do not contain that much fat.

Note the proportion of saturated fatty acids

A look at the ingredients and nutrients list is worthwhile. Here, some manufacturers also indicate how much of the unhealthy saturated fat accounts for the total fat content. These should be avoided especially as they can negatively influence the cholesterol level.

Real muesli saturates longer

Of course, a cereal with milk or yogurt, cereal also contains some fat. The difference to a portion of chocolate cereals, however, is great. Because such a cereal first weighs twice as much as a bowl of flakes and saturates even more than that. Why?

A real cereal contains a lot of fiber. The fill for a pleasant and long-lasting the stomach. On the other hand, they ensure that the contained starch and sugar are absorbed only slowly into the blood - so the energy is delivered continuously over a longer period of time. A break through to lunch is so safe.

In addition, many natural vitamins, heart-healthy fats from fresh nuts and plenty of minerals from whole grain cereals and milk in one serving. No comparison to a bowl of processed pops. Also not to fiber-containing cereals, although these cut a lot better than their conventional alternatives.

As candy, okay

But back to the rate quiz: cereal is healthy, that's right. Especially when many fresh ingredients are in it. Most breakfast cereals, however, should be deleted from the Healthy Breakfast category. They usually contain too much sugar, too little fiber and often have little in common with grain.

Stiftung Warentest puts it in a nutshell in the context of a test for children's food in the following way: "Considering the flakes as candy, you could even win some of them." Compared to other sweet sins, cereals contain relatively little fat, and because they are consumed with milk, they also make a small contribution to the supply of calcium.

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