Burning Mouth Syndrome - Therapy

For the dentist, it is important to exclude as far as possible after a very careful survey of the anamnesis all sorts of irritation within the oral, maxillofacial and facial area and to present parallel to the patient in the other disciplines, possibly concealed in the field of mitogenic diseases could be.

Treatment of physical and psychological complaints

Since this disease often persists for a long time, healings with no symptoms are unrealistic within a short time, but a cure success - even if it is only a reduction of the symptoms - also very much dependent on the cooperation of the patient.

In addition to the therapy of psychological causes, a psychological support is also useful in accompanying other therapies to enable the patient to observe the symptoms as objectively as possible and recognize that not the termination of social contacts, but on the contrary an opening to the environment It is important not to let the perception of pain be the sole determinant of the moment of the day.

Treatment of the Burning Mouth Syndrome is difficult

Given the variety of possible causes, treatment is often very difficult, especially as there are no consistent guidelines on how patients should be treated with BMS. Not infrequently, various concomitant medications will have to be tried to alleviate the sheer symptoms, with psychotherapeutic support being very valuable.

"Patients, with appropriate support, must learn to live with their condition and accept that reducing pain and burning sensation is a success, even if the symptoms have not or may not have been completely eliminated Misbehavior or pain symptoms lasting for months or even years requires a high degree of patience and self-discipline of the patient and his willingness to cooperate on a continuous basis, "said Professor Dr. med. choice

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