Burning Mouth Syndrome

Do you know that too: tongue or mouth burning? An annoying symptom, especially in women between the ages of 45 and 50, but also in the age group over 60 years. The sensations manifest as a burning, sore feeling, sometimes associated with tingling or itching. They can increase to stinging pain and are often associated with disorders of taste and salivation.

Symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome

The Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) causes unpleasant discomfort in those affected. These often start in the morning and strengthen over the day. Such symptoms can occur as a concomitant symptom in general diseases or changes in the oral mucosa.

  • The "burning sensation" (burning mouth syndrome) is usually felt in the anterior two-thirds of the tongue, in the anterior part of the hard palate and in the lower lip.
  • Two-thirds of BMS patients also complain of dry mouth.
  • Only rarely are the gums, the floor of the mouth and the soft palate affected.

Burning Mouth Syndrome: Diagnosis

For the dentist, the diagnosis of a Burning Mouth Syndrome is a real challenge, because the disease is multifactorial caused, with many causes are not only in the dental field, but also many other causes in the background. For example, the Burning Mouth syndrome is often characterized by mental disorders (anxiety, depression), type II diabetes, anemia (anemia / vitamin B-12 deficiency) and other nutritional deficiencies (iron deficiency, folic acid deficiency) and possibly oral dysfunctions such as Accompanied by tongue presses.

This requires that the diagnosis and the therapy are not only purely dental tasks, but the clarification of the disease is almost always only interdisciplinary to solve in the cooperation of dentists, internists, gynecologists, otolaryngologists, as well as psychologists and psychosomatics,

In the dental field, in addition to the dysfunctions mentioned above, causes directly originating from the teeth, such as incompatibility with dental materials used or even prosthesis incompatibilities may play a role. Climacteric factors may increase these moments of irritation. Not infrequently, especially in dysfunctions and strains, tensions and stress, but also suffering and heartache in the background and cause, for example, constantly "playing" nervously with the tongue on the dentures, as the DGZMK explained. It is typical that there is usually no pathological findings in the mouth and also raised laboratory values ​​(blood sampling) show no noticeable changes.

Burning Mouth Syndrome as a constant burden

Often the patients report that they have usually had several unsuccessful treatments by physicians of various disciplines and that their suffering has spread over a longer period of time. "The daily presence of this burning sensation in varying degrees and the often long history of the disease often make patients helpless, so that they can no longer think differently.The feeling of burning is permanently present especially during the day and seemingly inevitable.

It often controls the behavior in everyday life, at work and in the spare time, paralyzes the activities and eventually leads to a total withdrawal from the social environment, "as Professor Dr. Gerhard Wahl, Director of the Polyclinic for Surgical Dental, Oral and Kieferheilkunde of the University of Bonn, still to the serious effects of the BMS supplements.

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