breast reduction

Although many will not believe it, but the number of women undergoing breast reduction is not much smaller than breast augmentation. There are even women who have already undergone both interventions. The fact is: The big bulging bosom as a beauty ideal has long been obsolete.

The natural bosom is on the rise again. The bosom of a woman should fit her body and her overall appearance. Many women follow the new consciousness and undo their past breast augmentation. That this is of course quite borderline in terms of their own health is beyond question.

But health is the reason for breast reduction for most women. Many have a big bosom by nature. What is the ultimate goal for some women is just an agony for them. When it comes to sports, the big bosom impedes and provides limited freedom of movement. Another reason can be the weight itself.

Breast reduction against back pain

The different loads and weight distributions trigger chronic back pain. Breast reduction often borders on salvation. Also the aspect of the so-called hanging busts plays a role. For many women, the hanging bosom is not only a physical burden, but also a mental one. Your self-esteem goes from year to year.

Breast reduction starts a new life for these women. Breast reduction reduces the volume of the breast compared to the original size. In most cases, the actual volume reduction is complemented by a breast lift or a displacement of the nipples. All surgical interventions involve risks to health - including breast reduction.

However, in a reduction of the breast, experience shows that very few thromboses or embolisms occur. Also, inflammation or infection as a result of surgery are virtually eliminated due to modern treatment technologies. The minimum age required for breast reduction is 18 years.

The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia. The surgery itself takes about two to three hours - the inpatient stay is usually three days. After about six weeks, the sport can be started again - but you should start with moderate loads.

The cost of breast augmentation depends on the type of surgery and the total cost of surgery. On average, a breast reduction in Germany costs 4500 to 7000 euros (as of 2010).

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