Glasses care tips for the holidays

Summer time, vacation time. The human relaxes, the glasses suffers. Under dust, sand and sweat. So that the dear - and expensive - piece survives the exertions well, it is worthwhile, especially in summer, to follow some simple glasses care tips. First of all a warning: For cleaning of spectacle glasses paper handkerchiefs are absolutely unsuitable! They consist of pulp, but are also mixed with mineral fillers. When cleaning the handkerchiefs pick up additional dirt, dust or sand from the lenses and then distribute it on the entire glass surface. They act like a sandpaper and make even the hardest surfaces with micro scratches "blind".

Better suited for quick care in between are special glasses cloths or a piece of microfibre fabric. This makes the glasses fast fat-free. But attention: glasses cleaning cloths are not suitable for all lenses. The optician can give information. For regular cleaning, however, towels are not thorough enough. For this, eyeglass care products and sprays from the optics store are recommended. These remedies clean plastic and mineral glasses gently and thoroughly, and they also have an antistatic effect. Dust and dirt will not stick to the glass so easily, it stays clean longer.

From dusty service desert

From time to time, preferably before the trip, the glasses should also take a full bath at the optician. From dusty service desert Germany: Actually, all opticians offer the full wash program for the glasses in the ultrasonic bath. The glasses are clean in a few minutes, in addition, the optician sees hidden damage and can fix it immediately. If you also want to thoroughly clean the socket and nose bridge, it will take a little longer: The optician will then disassemble the glasses into their numerous individual parts before cleaning the ultrasound. A tip to bridge the waiting time: While the glasses get their old shine back, the customer can also perform a likewise most free eye test. The complete cleaning is particularly recommended, says Heinz Pellert, Head of Product Development for Glasses at Rodenstock in Munich: "While brand names are highly protected against all environmental influences, the products are exposed to high levels of stress due to sweat, cosmetics and dirt, which are alleviated by regular care can be. "

The best tips for eyewear care

  • When it comes to eyewear care: keep your hands away from dry paper towels. These scratch the glasses.
  • Microfibre cloths are suitable for quick cleaning in between and clean better than cotton cloths.
  • Moist eyewear and sprays provide the best care and reduce the static charge of the glasses.
  • A cheap alternative to care sprays are water, dish soap and a fresh tea towel.
  • An occasional ultrasound cleaning can be done at your optician - as well as an intensive cleaning, in which your glasses are previously disassembled.
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