Boreout - What to do?

Boreout: What to do?

Self-knowledge is the very first step. If you feel like you are suffering from Boreout, you should first honestly document for yourself what you spend the working days with. The Techniker Krankenkasse recommends to answer these questions honestly: How much is actually apparent work? What is especially boring? And what is fun?
Self-initiative is the second step. In an interview with the boss one should try to formulate the situation positively and to explain that one can do more and be happy about new tasks. You should already prepare your own suggestions and ideas. "If a person affected can no longer motivate them to put energy into their job, it is time for clear words to the supervisor to change the work situation or for a professional reorientation, " says TK.

Combat Boreout

Applying for a job elsewhere in the company, training in an interesting subject area, and the prospect of joining another company or industry can be the starting point for change. It is also important to seek a mentally demanding balance in the free time.

"In Germany too much is prescribed at work, even well-educated people, " says the economic psychologist Christian Dormann of the University of Mainz, but those who can not help shape their work or receive only uninteresting projects have enough work, but for a short time or long he developed an abhorrence of the activities, and it could come to a paradox situation: The boss tends to burnout, since he does not want to delegate important tasks, the employee bored because he has nothing interesting to do and no responsibility,

For Rothlin and Werder, there are three key elements of job satisfaction: purpose, time, and finally, money. The three together make up the qualitative reward, which of course goes beyond the financial aspect. If all three elements are sufficient and balanced, you do not need to be afraid of Boreout. The fact that money alone does not make people happy in the long run is not a truism in relation to working life. For if the meaningfulness of what one does is lacking, motivation will not be enough money in the long run.

An important recommendation of the authors is therefore: "Ask yourself early in your life, if you are really interested in what you want to do." In no case should one accept an unsatisfactory situation, but emphasize the individual needs, because Boreout is an individual phenomenon that can only be mastered on its own.

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