Body Mind Balancing: Gentle support for your digestion

In hectic times it can happen that the digestion does not work as it should. The following exercises will help you to reduce stress and thus regain proper digestion.

Note on the execution of the exercises

Some exercises are photographed with a ball cushion. The exercises can of course also be done without a ball on the floor. The ball enhances the effectiveness of the exercises for the muscles.

Body Mind Balancing - 9 simple exercises

1. The closed angle

Reduces stress, improves blood circulation: Sit comfortably on the floor and press the soles of your feet together. Then support the hands behind the buttocks and keep the torso long and straight. When you have found the right position and your back stays straight, embrace your feet. Pull apart toes slightly, hold position and breathe deeply.

2. The rotation cross-legged

Improves digestion: Sit cross-legged and make the upper body long. Then with your left hand grab your right knee or thigh. Put your right hand behind your butt. With each inhalation pull the spine long, turn with each exhalation a little further to the right. Leave the chin over the sternum. Hold the position for a few breaths and then repeat on the other side.

3. Training of the upper abdominal muscles

From the supine position slightly lift the upper body and hold. The heels push into the ground. Slowly move the upper body back, but do not drop your back and head. Repeat several times.

4. Training of the entire core musculature and activation of balance and coordination

Go into the hover seat and straddle your legs: brace with your arms or fold your arms over your chest. Important: The upper body remains upright, holding the abdominal tension, let the shoulders deep and pay attention to a straight cervical spine.

5. Training of the lower abdominal muscles

Lie supine on the ball, lift your legs and stretch towards the ceiling. The hands are on the floor next to the hips. Important: Put the chin on the chest and breathe evenly.

6. The child

Soothed, relaxed: Go to the quadruped stand and take your knees apart, your big toes touching. Put the butt in the direction of heels. Stretch your arms shoulder width forward. Then put your forehead on the floor. Breathe in the lower abdomen and back.

7. Draw water and see the sky

Training of the abdominal, pelvic and back muscles: Relaxed and shoulder-width standing, then put the right foot half a step forward. Bend your knees and upper body forward, stretching your arms as far as possible to your right foot. Form a vessel with your hands in front of your right lower leg. Inhale, bring up "vessel", raise head and upper body. Exhale. Turn the palms outwards, spread out the arms to the side and bring them down again along the sides of the body. Exercise a total of six times.

8. Trees

Makes the whole body supple: Intuitive attunement: They move as elegantly as the treetops in the wind. Basic attitude: Kneel with your right leg, bring your hips, torso and extended arms forward. Raise your stretched arms, move your hips and upper body forward, exhale. Then raise your upper body and bend both arms backwards. Repeat the exercise eight times per leg.

9. Wolf

Strengthens spine, triceps, and abdominal muscles: Intuitive attunement: Feel like a wolf leaving its cover at the right moment to hunt successfully.
Basic attitude: Kneeling on the ground, sitting on your heels. Upper body and arms are stretched forward, breathing calm. Glide forward along the floor with your whole body, put your hands up, slowly stretch out your arms while straightening your upper body. Only lower and thighs touch the ground. Important: Keep the head upright as an extension of the spine. Exhale during the movement. Repeat the exercise eight times.

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