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Everyone knows these situations: The last match is used up, the rest of toothpaste is pushed out of the rearmost corner of the tube and the ink cartridge for the fountain pen is empty again. Annoying, but no problem - with a walk to the nearest store, everything is fine again. But one thing they look for in vain: the blood that helps to save lives in an emergency situation. This is exactly where the new campaign of the German Red Cross comes in. Because: blood is not a commodity. You can not buy blood! The motives of the campaign convey this in a simple and therefore more effective way. The safety reserve at the blood donation service of the German Red Cross (DRK) has fallen drastically and is alarmingly scarce. Unfortunately, there is no artificial blood. It is the human being who can help man here! With a donation you could save accident victims or sick people the life!

Who can donate blood?

Any healthy adult between the ages of 18 and 67 with a minimum weight of 50 kg can donate blood.


Donations are not allowed

  • permanent drug name (eg hypotensive agent)
  • acute allergies
  • strong iron deficiency

Donations may only be made (limited in time)

  • after the symptoms have disappeared after taking antiallergic drugs (eg with hay fever)
  • 4 weeks after stopping taking an antibiotic
  • 6 months after traveling in malaria epidemic areas and 12 months after traveling in infection risk areas (eg South America, Southeast Asia)
  • 9 months after pregnancy or abortion
  • 12 months after a tattoo

Donations may be made without restriction when taking

  • vitamin tablets
  • iron supplements
  • Contraceptive pill or hormone preparations
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