Blood circulation - life force for the cells

The health of each individual depends crucially on an undisturbed transport of the blood in all areas of the body. But the blood circulation is prone to failure. Similar to road traffic, bottlenecks can also create congestion here. Harmful influences like

  • too high cholesterol levels
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • stress
  • Lack of exercise or
  • nicotine

damage the arteries and lead to deposits, the so-called plaques, which impede blood flow - the onset of atherosclerosis. Individual tissues are then no longer adequately supplied, they age or even die off. If the heart muscle is affected, heart attack and heart failure threaten.

A well-balanced diet and sufficient physical activity help minimize blood vessel deposits and prevent disease progression. In addition, herbal ingredients can support the health of the vessels. Especially good is the ginkgo tree equipped. Extracts of its ingredients have a positive effect on the vessel walls and thus improve the flow properties of the blood.

Avoid congestion

It can also lead to congestion in the veins, when with increasing age the venous valves do not close properly or the influence of the muscles is not sufficient to move the blood towards the heart. Varicose veins and water retention in the legs are possible consequences. Sufficient exercise and targeted venous exercises can then support blood flow. Also herbal vein remedies with active ingredients from the horse chestnut or the red vine leaves help to stabilize the vessel walls.

Everyone can do something to strengthen the circulation and improve blood circulation. Regular physical activity helps keep blood flowing and improves the blood flow to each organ. The change between warm and cold, for example, with alternating showers, stimulates the blood circulation. A similar effect has regular sauna sessions. Local treatment with heat or herbal ingredients can help improve blood circulation in individual parts of the body.

For muscle tension on the shoulder, for example, thermal patches with active ingredients made from cayenne pepper have proven their worth. Constantly cold feet can also be a sign that blood circulation is not functioning optimally. This is often due to low blood pressure. Even then, regular physical exercise stimulates blood circulation. A foot bath with herbal supplements of rosemary, eucalyptus or spruce needle also boosts blood flow.

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