Hypertension - life with high blood pressure

It can not be stressed often enough: high blood pressure (hypertension) is a disease of affluence. Too little exercise, unhealthy, irregular diet, obesity, smoking and alcohol - all risk factors for damage to the vascular system. All together potentiate the danger; Minimizing them lowers the risk of high blood pressure and its sequelae.

Prevent high blood pressure

The way of life to prevent high blood pressure is no different than the general measures that are recommended when it has already set in. In principle: Prevention is optimal; Early recognition and countermeasures are enormously important.

Even if there are no symptoms, the regular blood pressure measurements should be taken in the context of the check-ups at the doctor.

In the general examination of the state of health (check-up) from the age of 35, further tests (blood test, urine test, ECG) are carried out to determine other risk factors for hypertension.

Hypertension needs discipline

If hypertension is diagnosed, regular blood pressure checks are important. In most cases, patients can also do this themselves at home, following the instructions of the doctor - so good documentation over a longer period of time is possible. This controls whether the measures taken are effective against hypertension.

In addition, the doctor will also regularly look at the fundus and examine the organ systems for consequential damage.

Patients should keep reminding themselves that they need to take medication regularly as directed by the doctor. Hypertension is not curable - therefore: Do not stop, even if you feel comfortable.

Normal blood pressure without symptoms is the goal of treatment and signs that the medication is well-adjusted, but no reason to stop the therapy.

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