Cystitis due to cold

When the summer goes by, nature comforts us with golden autumn days. But the cold temperatures of the night give you an idea that winter is approaching. In this so-called transitional period colds have boom. Especially the risk of cystitis is now exceptionally high. Because hypothermia can quickly lead to bacterial cystitis. Constant urination and burning urination are the result.

In women pathogens have easy game

Hypothermia is one of the main causes of this disease, in addition to low bladder irrigation and weakened immune system. Women are most often affected by bacterial bladder attacks. The reason: your urethra is shorter than the men's. That's why the pathogens have an easier time getting to their destination. According to recent research, cold and stress also weaken the female immune system in this body region. As a preventive helps a lot to drink and to keep warm. Especially feet and pelvis should always be well packed. And of course you should avoid sitting on a cold surface.

Just do not start the chemical mace immediately

If you still have a bladder infection, you should not resort to strong medicines like antibiotics. They not only burden the body but can also be ineffective if taken too frequently. More serious illnesses are then difficult to treat. In the case of mild urinary tract infections, on the other hand, preparations containing natural active substances are just as effective, but much better tolerated than antibiotics. At the first sign of a cold blister, film-coated tablets containing bearberry leaf extracts may be taken as an alternative. The main ingredient of this well-tried remedy is the urinary tract-disinfecting arbutin.

Well rinsed is half cured

Even those who decide for the tablets, should not forget to drink a lot. At least two to three liters per day. This rinses the bacteria out of the bladder and promotes the healing process. To promote the flushing, can also be used to the well-known kidney and bladder tea. Bladder and kidney teas contain, for example, birch leaves, goldenrod and Orthosiphonblätter that act diuretic, so urinate the urine. And most importantly, if there is a fever in the bladder infection or if blood is mixed into the urine, the time of the medicinal herbs is exceeded and a doctor's visit is absolutely necessary.

So help your bubble over the winter time

  • Do not sit on cold floor, benches, walls or just with iso-underlay
  • Sweaters and jackets that reach over the hips, as well as warm footwear
  • If you have a tendency to cystitis: cure bladder and kidney tea
  • Against mild urinary tract infections: film-coated tablets from bearberry leaves
  • Fruits and vegetables support healing
  • In case of fever, blood in the urine, frequent complaints: immediately to the doctor!
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