Flatulence can have many causes - but usually you can meet them with simple means and even prevent them. Flatulence is caused by increased swallowing of air, increased gas formation in the digestive processes or a disabled gas outflow in the intestine. If you have flatulence, your stomach is distended and feels tense. The accumulated gas creates a feeling of fullness or pressure, sometimes flatulence is also associated with painful intestinal cramps.

Causes of flatulence

Flatulence can have many causes. Mostly, they are caused by hastily eating or drinking or because the gastrointestinal tract has problems with the digestion of the ingested food. Too rich meals containing cabbage, legumes, and other vegetables not only challenge your gut, but bring it to the limit of its capacity. If then too excessive alcohol, nicotine or coffee enjoyment, flatulence is inevitable.

Sweets, sugar or sugar substitutes are indeed decomposed by the intestinal bacteria, but more intestinal gas is produced than in the metabolism of healthy food.

Healthy does not necessarily mean raw food: Especially when changing the focus on raw food, many people complain about increased bloating attacks, which means that you should make sure that healthy foods are digestible for you. Sometimes bloating also indicates disorders in the composition of the digestive juices, in addition stress, anxiety or depression can promote flatulence.

5 tips to prevent bloating

Observe the following tips to prevent unpleasant flatulence:

  1. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. So less air gets into your stomach, the food is well mixed with saliva, which decreases your stomach ever some work.
  2. Better to eat a lot of small meals and not a few big ones, so every meal becomes more digestible.
  3. Avoid bloating foods, sweets, alcohol and nicotine. Try out what makes you feel bloated. Not every person reacts to lentils, peas, beans with unpleasant body exudates. Sometimes even fresh wholemeal bread is not tolerated or yeast pastries.
  4. Instead of raw vegetables you try better cooked, so are often tolerated more food.
  5. Moderate physical activity prevents flatulence and also helps to expel it. The short walk after the meal helps to transport the porridge.

Treatment of flatulence

If you suffer from flatulence, the following tips can help you to treat the symptoms:

  • Get rid of too tight pants or a constricting belt, then the intestine can move better in your belly.
  • Help also brings a hot water bottle or a warm belly wrap. Anything that produces damp heat is considered helpful by your gut. Try a light clockwise massage for relief.
  • Fennel, cumin or anise as tea or in drops act against bloating and feeling of fullness. Many other herbal ingredients also exfoliate and relax: yellow gentian, ginger, coriander, marjoram, peppermint, wormwood are just a few of them.
  • Herbal bittering agents such as gentian root, centaury or angelica root have a digestive effect; Ready-to-use preparations can be recommended by your pharmacist.
  • He can also advise you on antifoam preparations: Dimeticon and the like as a chewable tablet or suspension destroy the gas bubbles in the intestine. Enzyme preparations may help if the digestive power of the gastrointestinal juice is reduced - but also ask your doctor.

Flatulence - when to the doctor?

Flatulence usually disappears after a short time of self-treatment.

However, if your symptoms are very severe, if the measures described here do not improve, or if you suddenly experience bloating, consult your doctor. It will rule out more serious disorders or conditions such as lactose intolerance, a bile-flow disorder, or a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that may not occur until later in life.

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