Brewer's yeast as an anti-aging and healing substance

Brewer's yeast, the dried and pulverized form of the yeast cells, performs both externally and internally, for at least 5, 000 years its considerable effects as a remedy, vital nutrient supplier, beauty elixir and fountain of youth at the same time. The natural healing and beauty products offered today in the form of capsules, tablets, flakes, powders and numerous cosmetics is not only recommended by modern physicians, nutritionists and naturopaths since the modern age, says diploma nutritionist Bettina Geier from the Society for Nutritional Medicine from Aachen. In view of their variety of uses and the impact that has been known for thousands of years, brewer's yeast does not for a long time have the status of popularity that would have to be paid to the multi-talented person.

Brewer's yeast positive for skin and hair

Brewer's yeast consists of unicellular globular yeast fungi belonging to the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The microorganisms multiply during the fermentation process after mixing of water, hops and barley in beer production. The multifunctional brewer's yeast, which is elaborately isolated during the beer brewing process, is a veritable treasure chest of B vitamins, essential amino acids and various minerals and trace elements.

This combination has positive effects on the appearance of skin, hair and nails, on the functioning of the nervous system, on organs and the muscle tissue as well as on the immune system. The brewer's yeast also has as a side effect-free natural remedy a variety of other medical applications.

Breweries as best pharmacies

Records by Paracelsus, Hippocrates, Sebastian Kneipp and Hildegard von Bingen give a noteworthy price that the small power plants yeast cells were considered for centuries as one of the most important remedies. The testimony of an 18th-century doctor "Breweries are the best pharmacies" was also a program at the time. But much earlier, as early as the 16th century BC, brewer's yeast on papyrus was praised as an "anti-aging agent".

However, since the microorganisms are recognizable only to humans at 800-fold magnification, the brewer's yeast could still be proved beyond doubt about 3, 500 years later with the invention of the microscope of Louis Pasteur and their variety of effects in the episode to be investigated more closely.

The birth of the first beer is estimated to be between 4, 000 and 5, 000 BC. The ancient Egyptians are said to have made a sourdough from the remainder of the flatbread, and from this, prepared the first beer with water. Other recipes, at about the same time come from the Sumerians, who noted that bread dough came into contact with wild yeasts from the air, began to ferment.

Medical remedy

The traditions of the healing properties of beer are as old as the art of brewing itself. In Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, the "sludge of beer", the settled yeast, was used as a medicinal remedy. At that time it was already known that brewer's yeast had very good effects on many skin diseases. The popular medical application of brewer's yeast has been documented since the 19th century.

So the yeast sludge was known as a cure for skin diseases such as acne, eczema, boils, impure skin, skin fungus infections and poorly healing wounds and was externally applied to the affected skin. In various diseases that are not only the skin and are due to malnutrition with certain B vitamins, brewer's yeast taken as a dietary supplement, remedy. For this purpose, brewer's yeast has been used in South America for 100 years.

Brewer's yeast as anti-aging insider tip

Mankind drank beer for millennia in its unfiltered form, automatically adding the valuable constituents of brewer's yeast to the body. To preserve the beer and transport it over long distances without sacrificing quality, it was about fifty years ago that the yeast contained in the beer was filtered out. Paradoxically, the health promoter became a waste product that was disposed of.

But modern times also have their good sides: because you do not have to give up their ingredients in view of the wide variety of beer yeast products available. Sometimes, the brewer's yeast, depending on the intended use, additionally enriched with certain substances, such as the beauty vitamin biotin, which is already included naturally in the brewer's yeast. As a result, the native active forces gain a further increase.

The growing range of nutritionally supplementing brewer's yeast offers a recommendable alternative to the brewer's yeast formerly contained in beer, in order to preserve health and youthful freshness naturally, is the opinion of Bettina Geier. Brewer's yeast remains in any case a not to be underestimated, for millennia existing, anti-aging insider tip, the nutritionist concludes her remarks.

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