Unconsciousness - treatment

What can one do against unconsciousness?

For yourself: If you feel that you are getting black, try to bring your body into a position where you will hurt yourself as little as possible: Lie on the floor and lift your legs - this is how it is Supports the blood circulation of the brain and maybe you can avert the unconsciousness. Even if the unconsciousness occurred only briefly and you attach no further meaning to it, talk to your doctor about this attack: it can be a harbinger of a brain or heart damage, the first sign of diabetes or brain tumor - so have a serious cause!

Others: If someone next to you becomes unconscious, the best way to help them is to put the person in a stable side position and control breathing and heart rate. Communicate the emergency call, because in case of unconsciousness the cause should always be searched for. The rescue team may decide to take advanced first aid measures and monitor transportation to the clinic. There it is examined, which cause for the unconsciousness exists.

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