Bedbugs - comeback in German duvets

Bed bugs: Actually, the cute animals had already disappeared forever from the mattresses. Thought one! In recent years, health authorities are increasingly facing the problem of bed bug infestation. Especially in neglected living conditions ("Messies") can detect the unwanted visitor called bed bug. But not only lack of hygiene is one of the causes: Even over antique furniture or pictures bed bugs can arrive as unwelcome roommates in their own four walls. Not infrequently is also the import of bedding eggs or larvae from tropical holiday countries on the luggage.

Combating bedbugs

The infestation of an apartment with bed bugs can be easily recognized - even for the layman - by the specific sweetish odor of the stink glands of these insects. On the other hand, Kottröpfchen a bed bug on the bedding are indicative of an infestation. In such cases you should immediately consult a specialist who will use insecticides to fight.

However, since the eggs are often deposited in badly accessible cracks or behind formwork, they can not always be reached safely by fighting. Also, bed bugs are not sensitive to the available insecticides at all stages of development. For this reason, the fight against bedbugs should be repeated weekly.

Bedbugs are nocturnal insects

For example, air ducts that lead to neighboring residences should be sprayed with contact insecticides to prevent it. During the day, bed bugs stay in formwork, cracks, beds, ventilation shafts or behind wallpaper.

The real misery takes place at night. Breathing air attracts bed bugs from walls, sockets and baseboards. Not infrequently crawl bed bugs on the ceiling and fall from there on her lying in bed victim.

Itching stitch

Stings of a bed bug can be recognized by a broad redness of the skin in the size of the small fingernail nail. Typical is therefore a picture of row engravings, which are also called bugbanks. The bites of the bed bugs are painless and are therefore noticed only after waking up. But they often trigger small bleeding, wheals and intense itching (itching).

They are treated with itching, nourishing gels or ointments. A bacterial superinfection can occur by scratching in the area of ​​the stitch points. Rare complications include asthma attack, urticaria papulosa and anaphylactic shock.

Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius)

In total, the bedbug family includes 22 genera with 74 species. In Germany "Cimex lectularius" is of special epidemiological and medical importance. Bedbugs are especially common in warm countries. The washed out bugs are 4.8 to 8.5 mm long. When fully soaked, they appear dark brown. Bedbugs are rather light-brown and paper-thin.

Bugs love warmth

All stages of the development cycle of these insects are nocturnal. In their one-year life, the female bed bugs lay around 500 eggs. The duration of the development is temperature-dependent, that is: the warmer the room, the faster the hatching of the larvae. The sexual maturity will get bed bugs after six to eight weeks. In an affected household, therefore, there is often a mass infestation with bed bugs. A bed bug is very mobile and can cover up to a meter in one minute.

In addition, bed bugs can starve for a relatively long time, although higher temperatures lead to death faster than low ones. At moderate temperatures, bed bugs can survive up to six months without blood food. Bedbugs are insensitive to frost.

Tip against bedbugs

To find out if you've heard bed bugs in suitcase or bag closures from vacation, you can easily breathe in the closures. And by the carbon dioxide given from this breath the animals are lured out of their hiding place and come forth.

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