Employment for dementia patients

In seniors who suffer from dementia, a decline in mental viability is gradually observed. Depending on the form, but also depending on the stage of dementia, the short memory, language, motor skills and the ability to think can be affected. With various games, memory training as well as employment offers still existing skills can be trained. Estimates suggest that in Germany about 1.2 million people suffer from dementia.

Dementia has many symptoms

Depending on the clinical picture, dementia may manifest itself in completely different symptoms. In some cases, existing skills are even fully developed or in excerpts. With a job offer especially in dementia these skills should be kept as long as possible. In addition, games for seniors may also re-activate inactive abilities, but this also depends on the individual's form, stage, and course, as well as the individual's needs.

Often not only is the clinical picture of dementia available, but at the same time there are also physical deficits such as a disability. Employment in dementia, games or a memory training should therefore fit the personality structure of the dementia sufferer, so this is neither undermined nor overwhelmed.

Memory training as employment in dementia

Games for seniors with dementia not only train the memory and the brain, but can also contribute to social coexistence in a group, such as in a retirement home. In addition, straight games or memory training in dementia provide a wonderful change in everyday life, bring with regular use on the same days of the week at the same time and structure in the daily routine. This is important for people with dementia, as they can often forget or confuse the day of the week, the current month or the time of day.

Even seasonal handicrafts, such as rabbits for Easter or stars at Christmas, can help dementia patients orientation. In addition, one's own ego of the dementia sufferer can be strengthened through games and employment, especially if one can record successes. However, success is never about the end result of employment, but rather about employment itself.

Games for dementia patients

The basis is therefore not whether the painted picture is beautiful in the end, but that it was painted. A very important factor in offering games or employment for people with dementia is that they are not childish, and seniors with dementia should never feel that they are being taken seriously. For many people with dementia, however, well-known games from childhood or employment, which fits their biography, are pleasant. For all employment offers in dementia, however, always the current form of the day is crucial for success. Popular games for promoting concentration and performance are:

  • Board games (man-do not-annoy, mill, lady ...)
  • Card games (eg: Mau Mau)
  • Memory with age-appropriate motives
  • dice games

It is also games to remember, for example, "I pack my suitcase" or "city, country, river" or depending on the stage of dementia a suitable variant of it. Big as well as catchy characters, readable, enlarged puzzles in puzzles and playing fields in striking, bright colors are more comfortable for seniors than in the usual format.

Familiar awakens memories of dementia

As well as music, dance and reading are suitable for elderly people with dementia. Dance or gymnastics can promote mobility and motor skills directly from the chair in case of physical deficits. Especially when singing famous songs of the respective generation sensations but also memories can be awakened, this includes well-known poems, fairy tales or stories.

Depending on which activities dementia seniors once pursued in their previous lives, special games can be developed from them. For example, everyday office life can be re-enacted; the person with dementia can then punch, staple or sort papers together. The top priority should be for all seniors with dementia to feel well, this is an important prerequisite for successful employment or demented play.

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