Disability insurance

Occupational disability insurance: Application: If you are interested in applying for a high-performance occupational disability insurance, you must pay attention to a number of special features in order to be sure that you will receive comprehensive benefits in the event of a permanent retirement from work.

Do not conceal risks

As is the case with private health insurance tariffs, individual health is taken as the benchmark for tariffing, as the insurer wants to specifically protect itself against high risks in the case of numerous previous illnesses of the policyholder. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to conceal certain risks when making the application, because in the worst case, the insurer no longer has any obligation to pay.

Avoid abstract reference of the insurer

Anyone wishing to rely on services provided by their insurer in any case should pay attention that the contract to be concluded does not contain an abstract reference. Such a rule would allow the insurer, when leaving the profession, to claim that his own workforce is still sufficient for activities that are less strenuous.

Whether they are even offered in the context of the current labor market does not play a role for the insurer in an abstract reference. It should be all the more important for the individual policyholder to avoid this rule and thus be able to rely on the benefits of the occupational disability contract with certainty.

Pay attention to the degree of disability insurance

In the case of the various providers, differences in the degree of occupational disability also arise in occupational disability insurance. This is usually determined by a medical officer or a doctor of the insurer and indicates how strongly the disability is pronounced.

A value of 50 percent is customary in the industry, but can be found in a comprehensive research and better and worse conditions for a disability contract. In this case, the individual, potential policyholder should take a closer look at current offers in order to be able to easily and quickly obtain benefits from a concluded contract for occupational disability.

Disability insurance: dynamics

Those wishing to take out occupational disability insurance and looking at various contractual offers for this purpose should not infrequently encounter the concept of dynamics. Many policyholders are unaware of the impact of momentum, and using such an option can ensure that individual policyholders can expect higher disability benefits during their lifetime.

The momentum has an effect on the contribution payment, ie the insured person has to pay a higher premium into the insurance cover according to a predetermined scheme. The increase is determined as a percentage, so that the contribution to a disability contract increases by two percent for the game with each new insurance year.

The benefits of dynamics

In principle, it can be assumed that an insured person achieves a higher income in the course of his or her job and thus that the standard of living also improves. Anyone who suffers an occupational disability with such a high standard of living will no longer be able to secure this standard of living with the corresponding benefits of an occupational disability pension.

A dynamic can be influenced in advance in a contract signing on it. Finally, not only over the years increase the contributions for disability insurance, but of course the benefits that can be expected as a disability pension. Anyone who realizes that increasing their contributions is too big a financial challenge can decouple the momentum from the rest of the contract during the contract period.

Higher benefits for the disability pension

Almost all insurers today make it possible to integrate a dynamic into the offered disability insurance. However, many policyholders opt out against this option because they are unaware of the impact of such momentum and, above all, are feared to have to pay higher premiums permanently.

However, the increase in contributions is always very moderate over the years. In doing so, he can play a decisive role in ensuring that even after decades, you can enjoy extensive and strong benefits from an occupational disability contract.

Types of BU rates

Various forms of occupational disability insurance exist on the German market. An inexpensive alternative is the mere protection of the risk of being unable to work in the current profession. Another form is so-called combined tariffs, which combine occupational disability insurance with additional insurance, for example, term life insurance. This form is a bit more expensive and more suitable if the policyholder also has to provide a family or other dependents with their income. The combi variants are also available with other pension and life insurance policies or with fund investments.

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