Hyperacidity - positive action

You can do a lot in terms of dietary acidity. The main pillar is a diet change and possibly a dietary supplement. The following basic advice should be followed.

4 tips for hyperacidity

  • Drink a lot: Make sure you have enough fluids. This is about so-called neutral liquids, not about coffee, black tea or alcohol, but about mineral water or herbal tea.
  • Movement: Move. A walk in the forest or a little bit by bike instead of by car not only optimizes the absorption of oxygen, but also promotes the exhalation of carbon dioxide in the form of carbon dioxide.
  • Avoid stress: Avoid stress as much as possible. Do not fret so often (do not be so angry). Instead, think positive and smile more often.
  • Stimulate acid secretion: Support the acid secretion through the skin eg. B. by regular physical exertion and sauna visits. Also avoid stress here (not too intense or hot and not too long).
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