Hyperacidity - Negative influences

In the search for causes of an acid overload you have to consider not only nutrition but also breathing and excretion:

  • Lack of exercise in the fresh air hinders the optimal supply of oxygen.
  • Lack of physical exertion in the fresh air prevents the increased exhalation of acids and the increased acid excretion via the sweat.
  • Inadequate fluid intake hinders optimal kidney excretion but also over the skin (sweating).
  • A disturbed bowel function or intestinal flora also influences the acid-base balance. Possibly occurring rot products can, for. B. acidifying also act on the organism.
  • Other negative influences on the acid-base balance include stress, inflammatory processes and medications when they are converted from acids to acids before excretion.

Attention in acute hyperacidity!

The so-called acute hyperacidity (acidosis) is clearly to be distinguished from the chronic hyperacidity caused by the upper factors. This is caused by serious diseases such. As diabetes, and must be treated medically. People who have problems with the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, cell metabolism, respiration or excretion due to serious illnesses should definitely consult with a doctor or alternative practitioner regarding the acidity.

In case of disorders of the intestinal function or intestinal flora, a therapist should also be consulted to discuss the exact procedure. The regeneration of the intestinal flora and the compensation of possible disturbances should go hand in hand with the achievement of the acid-base balance.

  • too much acid-forming food (including meat, fish, sausage ...)
  • too little base-forming food (including fruits, vegetables, potatoes ...)
  • too few minerals (including whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits ...)
  • too much stress
  • inflammatory processes
  • drugs
  • Too little movement
  • too little fresh air
  • too little liquid
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