Do you really get disgusted with herpes?

Iiiiiiiiiiiiih how disgusting - now I get herpes. The rumor that you get herpes when you're disgusted by something is known to most. But what is really wrong with this rumor?

The word herpes comes from the Greek and refers to an infectious disease caused by viruses.

Spread of herpes

Herpes is transmitted by droplet and smear infections, which can already occur in childhood (mother-child contact). The virus enters the body via the oral mucosa.

Once infected, forever infected

98% of the population carry the herpes virus - the virus rests inactive in the nerve tracts. However, when the immune system is weakened, the virus also becomes active again. Triggers are stress, disgust, anxiety, feverish infections, mechanical irritation or climate change.

So it's true: Who carries the virus and is disgusted with something can actually get herpes.

How is herpes expressed?

The breakthrough of herpes tense, itches, burns and tingles the skin hours before. After 1-2 days breaks the cold sore (herpes simplex labialis) with the typical filled blisters in groups and usually dry after 3-10 days to yellowish crusts. The immune system eliminates the viruses that are left over from virulent viruses and awaits another opportunity to break free.

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