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The presence of fathers in the delivery room was controversial for a long time and could only largely prevail in the 1980s. Meanwhile, most men in Germany accompany their partners at birth. It is not only the women who are important to their partner's presence; most men also do not want to be deprived of the birth of their child and the support of the expectant mother.

This development runs parallel to the social expectation that men should participate in childbirth. The fact that men often underestimate their own uncertainties and fears about childbirth is often overlooked. A halfheartedly committed and poorly prepared participation of men in births is not a good start to a family life for all concerned.

Media package for multipliers and expectant fathers

Against this background, the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) has developed the media package "Passenger - Men at Birth". It is aimed primarily at multipliers in the preparation and post-natal preparation and consists of a video, a movie booklet and a small guide for expectant fathers. "Passenger" is a documentary that shows in an impressive but gentle way how three fathers experience the birth of their child.

The film accompanies the expectant fathers before, during and after the birth. With the help of interviews and a sensitive camera work, it becomes clear what they think and feel during this time. The film encourages expectant fathers to grapple with and prepare for the birth of their children.

The film booklet gives methodological hints on how the topics mentioned in the film can be deepened in the work with expectant parents. The small guide, which is aimed directly at fathers-to-be, is the third part of the media package dar. This little "tour planner" gives the expectant fathers suggestions, tips and advice on how to prepare for the birth of their child.

Other ways

Media for multipliers:

  • Video "Passenger - Men at Birth", order number 13 641 000, duration 28 min. The video can be borrowed from all provincial, county, cityscapes, provincial film services as well as from all Protestant and Catholic media centers and the German Film Center purchased at the BZgA for a nominal fee of Euro 8.
  • Movement booklet "Passenger - Men at Birth", order number 13 642 000

Medium for expectant fathers:

  • "Passenger - Small Tour Planner for Expecting Fathers", order number 13 643 000 (free)

Order address: Federal Center for Health Education; 51101 Cologne; Fax: 0221 - 8992257; e-mail: [email protected]

Source: Federal Center for Health Education

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