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Basketball - The sport originating from the US is preceded by many prejudices: It is an injury-prone sport and in any case only something for two-meter giants. Women would have lost nothing in basketball and if so, only big, muscle-bound man-women. The sport basketball is often associated with ghetto, rap music and gangsterism. The sport is not only in America, but also in Germany on the rise. The sport of basketball not only promotes team spirit, stamina and coordination, but also burns calories properly.

History of the sport basketball

Already in 1891, the Canadian doctor and educator James Naismith developed the sport with the aim to offer his students a peaceful sport with low risk of injury. To do this, he hung a peach basket at each end of the sports hall and devised 13 basic rules that have remained almost unchanged until today. Even the then arbitrarily determined height of the baskets at 3.05 meters is still internationally valid.

Today, the sport of basketball is widespread worldwide and is next to football, volleyball and the Olympic disciplines the most popular sports. Also in this country the game around the orange ball is strongly in the trend. Probably the best-known German player, Dirk Nowitzki, the "German prodigy", was able to achieve great success with his club Dallas Mavericks both in the Bundesliga and in the North American professional league NBA. For the 2006/07 season Nowitzki was the first European to receive the award as the most valuable player in the NBA.

NBA, Bundesliga & Co.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was founded in 1946 and quickly became the strongest and most famous basketball league in the world. Stars like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Earvin "Magic" Johnson or Kobe Bryant made a name for themselves there. The basketball world championship takes place every four years and every two years the European champion is determined. Acting World Champion is Spain in both competitions. In Germany there is a Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), which determines the German champion every year.

One of the most successful teams is Alba Berlin: The team has already won the German Championship eight times. In addition, there is a second basketball Bundesliga, as well as a junior Bundesliga, respectively for men and women. Numerous other teams and clubs are fighting for promotion in smaller regional, district and district leagues. Wheelchair basketball has also developed into one of the most important disability sports. Already since 1960, it is an integral part of the Paralympics, every four years takes place a wheelchair basketball World Cup.

Tactics and rules in basketball

In general, basketball is all about an orange ball made of either synthetic material or leather. Men play with the official size seven, which has a circumference of 749-780 millimeters and weighs about 600 grams. The women's leagues have been playing with size six balls since 2004. The ball is slightly smaller (724-737 millimeters) and weighs on average 50 grams less than the men's ball.

The aim of the game is to sink the ball in the basket of the opposing team as often as possible - who has collected the most points in the end, wins. Each team has five players in the field. Of these, usually one or two are directly under the basket (center), one or two guards are responsible for the basket throw from the outside and the structure of the game and two winger (forwards) try to score points from the side or close up achieve.

A successful basket throw means two points, hits outside the three-point line bring three points, free throws only one point. The pitch is 28 by 15 meters and has a hard floor, usually made of rubber or linoleum. Different lines mark the "zone", ie the free throw space, the three-point line and the center line. A basketball game consists of four quarters of ten minutes each, but with each brief interruption of the game time is stopped. Overall, a game can take a good 80 to 100 minutes. Players may be replaced as often as they like.

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