Treat disc damage

In case of problems with the discs, the discs must be relieved in any case. Continuous training of the core muscles has proven to be a very good remedy for lumbar spine pain. A physiotherapist can explain to the patient which exercises he should do himself daily.

In case of muscle paralysis immediately to the hospital

Caution is advised in cases of muscle paralysis, as the likelihood of complete regression is reduced the longer the paralysis persists. They would have to be examined immediately in a hospital and operated on as soon as possible. Otherwise, surgical intervention is only possible if all non-surgical treatments were unsuccessful.

Herniated disc: conservative therapy

For the conservative therapy one needs a little patience. The patient should take into account a few weeks of intensive, as inpatient treatment as possible. During an operation, the destroyed disc tissue is removed, which relieves the cramped nerve roots. Meanwhile, there are gentle procedures such as microsurgery. Neurosurgeons work here with a surgical microscope, the applied access is only a few inches tall. Scarring and discomfort after surgery are less severe.

An intervertebral disk operation always carries risks: Damage to the nerves and blood vessels, infections and subsequent instability of the spine can not be ruled out. If scars develop in the operating area, the symptoms can recur again and again. An operation is therefore only performed when it is urgently needed and the expected benefits are significantly higher than the risks.

Prevent a herniated disc

Everyone can do a lot for their backs to avoid problems with the intervertebral discs. This includes continuous training of the back and abdominal muscles, so that the spine is stabilized for daily needs. Because a well-trained muscle corset takes over a good part of the mechanical stress. In back schools, one learns to strengthen the important muscle groups and the correct bending, carrying, sitting, standing and lying.

Also backstroke, hiking or cycling is recommended to strengthen the muscles. Physical exercise also lifts the mood.

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