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When the mood is at its zero, a warm aromatic bath can work wonders. Because nothing influences our mood faster than a fragrance. Aroma oils are extracted from flowers, leaves or roots, mostly by steam distillation. They have nothing in common with normal oils (eg care oils or edible oils). They are not greasy but volatile and are therefore called essential oils. As a bath additive they exert a tremendous effect on mood and well-being. While the water opens the pores, part of the oil is absorbed by the skin, the rest evaporates into heat and steam and is inhaled.
Thus, extracts of lavender, rose and camomile have a balancing and relaxing effect. Neroli, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and geranium increase the sensuality. Ginger and lime have an invigorating effect. Lemon, tangerine and peppermint refresh and encourage creativity. Bergamot is known as mood enhancer. Camphor and rosemary and relieve tension and muscle aches.

Make bath additives yourself

Finished bath products with sophisticated aroma mixtures (as cream baths, oil baths or bubble baths) are available for every taste, but you can also make them yourself. For a full bath, it takes about 10 drops of one or more aroma oils. Important: do not give essential oils to the pure skin. So they may trigger allergies. In order to distribute them well in the water and to be able to fully develop their effect, first mix with half a cup of caring oil, cream or body milk.

For the famous Aphrodite bath, mix 3 drops of neroli, 2 drops of ylang-ylang and 1 drop of bergamot with half a cup of cream and add everything to the finished bath water.

Tip: If you want to increase your sensual pleasure, you can also add color powder (especially for colored baths) or some food coloring to your bath water. The water should transmit the vibrations of the colors. "Red" stands for vitality, "Orange" for physical and mental energy, "Yellow" for warmth and vitality, "Green" for harmony and "Blue" for calm and relaxation.

Pure luxury

Jasmine, Gardenia, Iris, Hibiscus, Geranium, Magnolia, Rose, Mallow, Bougainvillea - just dive in! A bath in fragrant flowers symbolizes in Asia according to religious tradition, the purification of earthly stains. In many SPAs it forms the sensual conclusion of a wellness treatment, the extension of relaxation and enjoyment. Similar to aroma oils, flowers influence the mood individually. In addition, the natural beauties invite through their appearance and the touch of the skin in limitless dream worlds.

When designing an in-house flower carpet, there are no limits to your imagination. You can easily be guided by the scent. Blossoms can beautify all types of baths. Whether they are swimming on clear water, in milk or in oil, in any case they embody the quintessential tropical bathing pleasure. For a film-ready rose petal bath, dissolve 5 drops of rose oil in a cup of cream or put two cups of rose water into the warm bath water. Then sprinkle several hands full of rose petals.

Tip: flowers from your own garden or from organic garden centers are ideal. It can also be dried.

Fresh breeze

Who regularly swims in the sea or goes to the Thalasso cure, can confirm: The skin is much firmer and rosier, even annoying orange peel smooths. The reason: salt water does not cause the skin to swell as much as normal water. Nevertheless, it loosens cornification and impurities and also pulls up excess tissue from the deeper layers of the skin. At the same time minerals and trace elements are introduced. Because the salty wet is similar in composition and content of nutrients and minerals to the human blood plasma. That is why these substances can also be exchanged via the skin.

For the sea breeze in your own bathroom, there are plenty of ready bath salts, pure or with different fragrance additives. Especially rich in smoothing and healing minerals is Dead Sea salt. It helps with skin problems such as psoriasis, regulates the production of sebaceous glands and its high content of magnesium and bromine tightens the tissue, even helps with sore muscles. On a tub is expected to 1/2 to 1 kilo of salt. New is a so-called "Liquid Salt", a concentrated brine from the Dead Sea, which dissolves immediately and completely in the water, even in cold! Ideal after sports or for tension, even under the shower to use.

For an encouraging and invigorating salt bath, simply hang a handful of fresh rosemary and a handful of fresh mint in a gauze bag into the water. Together with a few drops of eucalyptus oil, the salt bath prevents colds.

Tip: Because salt extracts water from the body, drink at least one large glass of mineral water after the bath. And: even if the skin feels nice and taut, it still needs to be creamed.

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