Bathing - bubble tabs

Some look like ice balls, others like oversized pastel colored pills, balls or shells. Also in glitter version, packed in colored foil, they are popular decoration elements in every bathroom. Substituted with essential oils they smell of sea, Orient, forest, flowers, spices or fruits. However, they all have one thing in common: if you throw them in water, sparkling carbon dioxide bubbles like champagne to the surface.
Bubble tabs, also called bath tablets, leave a wonderfully tingling sensation on the skin. Depending on the composition and fragrance, they can calm, invigorate, relax or encourage. In warm water, they are particularly intense. Even if the effervescent effect is over after a few minutes, the smell remains in the bath water. After a busy day, they are a wonderful refresher before going out.
Tip: For an optimal whirlpool feeling, make yourself comfortable in the warm water and then throw in the tabs. Placed under the back, they unfold their full potential.

The milk bath - a royal pleasure

Cleopatra is known to bathe in donkey's milk with honey and salt. Javanese princesses have also appreciated the softening milk proteins as elixirs of eternal youth for millennia. Nowadays, every spa hotel offers its very specific version of the Cleopatra bath - sometimes as a body wrap or as a bath.

However, the milk is usually replaced by whey. It has the same effect and also thrills modern skin researchers. They found in milk so-called growth factors that stimulate skin cells to divide more often. This keeps the skin young and rosy. In addition, milk fat stabilizes the acid mantle of the skin and smoothes dryness lines. Lactic acid binds moisture and acts like an exfoliant. The minerals and vitamins contained in it stimulate the metabolism.

The comfortable alternative for home: Ready-made bath milk with nourishing and additives such as coconut butter or chamomile, or delicately scented bath milk powder. Of course, fresh milk or - for soft baby skin - buttermilk or cream yoghurt. For a very private, exclusive Cleopatra bath, mix 1-2 liters of goat's milk or cow's milk (smells better) with two handfuls of sea salt and 3 teaspoons of honey. When honey and salt have dissolved, everything goes into the warm bath water. Do not shower off the skin after bathing, just dab it dry.

Tip: Baths with real milk, while the skin super soft, but can spread unpleasant odors. Delicate noses add 10 drops of their favorite aroma oil to the tub.

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