Back to Basic - almost forgotten fitness and health trends

Simple, clear and no frills: what has long been true of fashion and design is increasingly evident in sports and health trends. Instead of yogalates and crossgolves, real trend-setters romp on trim trails or swing the hula-hoops - retro is in fashion. And even trendy wellness oases offer treatments by Pastor Kneipp. "More and more people are longing for simple fitness methods as a contrast to the hectic everyday life, " explains DAK spokeswoman Nina Waldheim.

Pull-ups until the "Trimmy" comes

Who needs high-tech sports equipment when the good old "trim-your-path" invites you to endurance on your doorstep? In the 70's the German sports federation started the action "trim you - through sport". With a bit of luck you even encountered the mascot "Trimmy" while jogging. The newly created ways should motivate muffle to exercise more.

Today, trim-and-dive stations can bring variety to the weekly walking or jogging tour. Advantage: The combination of running training, stretching and strengthening exercises is suitable for beginners and advanced alike. Everyone can determine the duration and intensity of the exercises themselves. "Just start right from home - a tantalizing show for those who constantly have to rush from A to B in their professional and family life, " says Nina Waldheim from DAK.

But before the start is the check of the paths. "Take a close look at your" trim-path "in some places, time has already left its mark - avoid rotten bars for pull-ups and more - otherwise there is a risk of injury, " advises Waldheim.

From rope artists and aerobic stars

The 80s: "Dallas" was flickering on television and the followers of Jane Fonda took the first aerobics classes. Others discovered rope jumping again. To date, boxers and other professional athletes train speed and endurance. The brisk jumping is now even one of the recognized competitive sports.

Anyone who thinks that jumping rope is an old hat and not trendy enough can choose to indulge in the term "rope skipping". Nina Waldheim from the DAK: "Jumping rope is not just a good mood, the rhythmic movements also help reduce stress."

Hip swing with plastic tires

In the 1950s he was just as much a part of it as Petticoat and James Dean: the hula-hoop tire. It was not just children who worked tirelessly until they got the hang of it. Even adults try to this day the popular waist circles. Because the rhythmic movements burn calories, strengthen the core muscles and thus ensure a slim waist.

What's good for your health: Studies show that the dreaded lifebuys in the middle of the body are particularly damaging to health. They increase cardiovascular risk more than body pads distributed throughout the body.

More power with Kneipp

Also the Kneipp therapy finds again numerous followers. As early as the 19th century, the Bavarian pastor turned the health care center around - and cured himself among other things with baths in the ice-cold Danube. His teaching is comprehensive and holistic, based on five pillars:

  • water applications
  • Move
  • nutrition
  • medicinal plants
  • order of life

The alternating shower is also an element of his health teaching: The change of cold and warm water strengthens the body's defenses and gets the circulation going. Certain Kneipp treatments even drive out headaches and can also relieve stress symptoms. "Those who want to try out the Kneipp, should first contact the family doctor or a Kneipp professional: These know how to relax, for example, and what should be considered, " said DAK spokeswoman Nina Waldheim.


Every time has its own life feeling. "The basic trend fits in with the need of many people to find out what really matters in life, " says Waldheim. "A lot can be achieved even with simple means, and those who pause every now and then can often master the turbulent everyday life better."

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