Babies and Toddlers - Tips for Cool Winter Wonders

Astonishingly catch and melt the first snowflakes, admire the hoarfrost with Mum or dive down the hills with dad on the sledge - in winter there is a lot of new territory for babies and toddlers to discover. So that the winter pleasure remains unclouded even in wind and weather, you should heed a few tips.

Dress in onion look

The so-called onion look, with several layers of clothing on top of each other, is the perfect winter outfit for indoor and outdoor use. When it gets to the fresh air, there is a snow suit over it. The layered look has several advantages: warming air cushions form between the individual layers, the children retain their freedom of movement and, if necessary, they can take off their clothes quickly.

So your darling has it always warm enough, without sweating. Whether your baby is too warm or sweaty is best tested on his neck. If the skin feels dry and warm there everything is fine. Hands and feet, on the other hand, are not particularly reliable - babies often have cool fingers and toes without feeling cold.

Keep your head and body warm

The baby head is very large in relation to the rest of the body, therefore uncovered offers a large area over which the child can cool down quickly. Small babies should therefore wear a thin silk or cotton bonnet even in cool interiors. Outside, a warm headgear is announced for all children. Make sure that the material does not scratch (such as fleece), so watch child does not remove his hat when looking away. If it has very sensitive skin, you can also put on a thin cotton cloth or hat underneath.

Gloves are also an indispensable accessory in cold weather. A footmuff made of fur or other material makes the stroller and buggy winterproof. If the little ones are still in the stroller, it must be well insulated from below against the cold. This can be z. B. with a mattress under the mattress or a lambskin and a cloth over the mattress reach. A special plastic cover from the children's equipment store protects the stroller from rain and snow.

Out or not out in winter?

For babies is basically: In clear, cold weather, the motto is "nothing out", in heavy fog or temperatures below minus 10 degrees, it is best to stay home with the child. Caution is announced before "cold sea" in hollows. There, cold air (which is heavier than warm) collects, so that temperature differences of 5 ° C and more can occur.

Babies can protect you from colds with a plush blanket, woolen panties and stockings. In general, you can help your child with healthy, vitamin-rich nutrition and a lot of exercise in the fresh air to build strong defenses. So it is healthy and fun with the winter time.

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