Baby massage

Through baby massage, the baby feels the love and affection of the parents up close. Mom and dad can also relax with the daily massage. Three-month-old Julian chuckles, listening to his mom's quiet voice. Forgotten is the angry roar from earlier. And even his recently unnerved mother is relaxed. Coincidence? "No, " says Angelika Ullmann. "Ever since I learned baby massage in a course, Julian has calmed down and I enjoy the daily 15 minutes, during which time I feel very connected to my child and hide from everyday life, " says the young mother. Baby massage is not a new trend. In India, Nepal and Africa, gentle petting has been part of baby care for centuries. In Europe, it made the French gynecologist Frederick Leboyer in the seventies and eighties popular. His book "Gentle Hands" revolutionized the hitherto common obstetrics and nursing care.

Simply effective

"Baby massage is very easy, " says Barbara Frech, who gives appropriate courses. "If parents lovingly treat the baby, they can not go wrong." The handles stimulate the skin - the largest human sensory organ - and thus promote the mental and physical development of children. The gentle caressing

  • strengthens the parent-child bond,
  • has a positive effect on the wake and sleep rhythm,
  • stimulates blood circulation,
  • promotes digestion,
  • reduces bloating and colic,
  • strengthens the immune system,
  • improves body coordination,
  • strengthens the muscles and body awareness and promotes motor development.

According to pediatricians, the intensive pats are also recommended for preemies and infants with atopic dermatitis. Massaging may be done with very gentle touches already from the fifth day. Prerequisite: The baby is healthy and has no neonatal jaundice. As long as the navel is not completely healed, please spare the stomach.

The massage can be incorporated into the daily baby care. The time for the massage should be chosen so that the infant is neither hungry nor tired: after breastfeeding at least 30 minutes can pass, after the bottle 90 minutes. Also for the masseur sufficient time and rest are important. Therefore: make the phone quiet and employ the siblings. As a rule, the massage lasts 5 to 20 minutes. In case of fever, diarrhea and inflammatory skin diseases it should be better.

Here we go

The baby can be massaged in different positions: The mother sits with outstretched legs on the floor. The child lies on her legs. If this is too uncomfortable, the child can also lay on the bed or on a soft surface on the floor between the legs. Both positions allow a lot of skin contact between the baby and the parents. But also the changing table with a cuddly towel as a base is suitable.

Put rings, bracelets, watches and rub hands before massaging with pure vegetable oils from the pharmacy, such as thistle or almond oil; Olive oil has an inherent odor that not every baby likes. It starts on the head, followed by abdomen, arms, legs, finally the back. The movements are gentle and are repeated five to ten times. Pure relaxation - for parents and children.

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