Driving at high temperatures

Under the current high temperatures, people suffer more than the cars. A vehicle that does not already have any previous damage, for example, a porous cooling water hose must be able to easily put away hot days. It's different with humans. Here the summer heat can strongly impair the ability to drive and thus the traffic safety. In extreme cases, motorists even experience a circulatory collapse.

10 tips for long driving at high temperatures

Here are ten tips on how to behave properly as a car occupant at sauna-like temperatures:

  • The most important requirement is to drink a lot, preferably up to three liters a day. Suitable are water, diluted juices or tea. Coffee should be dispensed in larger quantities.
  • During longer trips, regular breaks in the shade with exercise exercises are strongly recommended to stimulate the circulation.
  • If possible, you should also drive in the early morning and evening hours to avoid the midday heat between 12 and 15 o'clock.
  • Even before you leave, it helps to open all the windows and doors for a few minutes to let in the slightly cooler outside air.
  • If the strong breeze is uncomfortable while driving, keep the windows closed and switch the fan to air recirculation.
  • On hot summer days, the air in the car can heat up to over 60 degrees. Children and animals are particularly affected by such temperatures. They should not be left alone in the car, even for a short time.
  • An additional sun protection on the windows keeps out the worst heat outside. The dashboard, the steering wheel and the shift knob can get so hot that you may contract skin burns. If you do not find a shaded parking space, you should cover these parts inside the vehicle.
  • When setting the air conditioning, make sure that the difference to the outside temperature is no more than six degrees to prevent cold and to prevent circulatory problems.
  • In addition, the air from the blower should not be aimed directly at the body, otherwise muscular tension may occur.
  • For medicines worth the purchase of a travel pharmacy with thermal insulation. Excessive heat may affect the efficacy of the drugs.

Consider sun protection

Those who are on the move for longer should not forget to apply sunscreen to uncovered skin. This is true not only for convertible drivers, but also for all other car occupants, because the UV rays of the sun can penetrate through the windows!

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