Car and sight - winter tips

Winter tips from the AvD

If you want to arrive safely in winter, you should treat your car to a winter check. For AvD members this check is free, in many workshops it is offered at prices of ten to 30 euros.

Winter Check: 11 inspection criteria

A good winter check should include at least eleven test criteria, three of which have to do with good vision:

  1. Windscreen wiper: condition and wiping performance
  2. Headlamp: setting and condition (humidity)
  3. Windscreen washer: level and antifreeze
  4. Radiator Fluid: Level and Antifreeze (Glysantin)
  5. Engine oil: level and condition (age, viscosity)
  6. Brake Fluid: Level and Condition (Condensation)
  7. Battery: acidity and power output
  8. Door locks: Preventively treat with graphite
  9. Door seals: preventively treat with talcum or grease (tallow)
  10. Brakes: Check discs and pads for condition, braking effect
  11. Winter tires: check profile (at least four millimeters) and age (maximum six years)

In addition, all drivers should regularly clean the windows of the car, the rear-view mirror and the headlight lenses - and wear glasses wear their lenses.


Motorists can see for themselves whether their eyesight has changed, for example, while driving on the highway: Anyone who has healthy eyes or properly adapted glasses, can read the lettering on departure signs from a distance of 100 meters. If the visual performance only deteriorates by one diopter, the font only becomes readable from a distance of 25 meters.

the essentials in brief

  • Especially in the fall, drivers need to ensure a clear view on the road.
  • Every two years motorists should have their eyes examined in an eye test.
  • So the eye test is not forgotten: best connect the appointment of the main investigation with an appointment for an eye test.
  • Large, anti-reflective and polarizing - that's what the ideal eyewear for the road looks like.
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