Wincing - What to do?

Eyelashes (eyelid twitching) is a common symptom that has benign causes in most cases. For example, stress or a lack of magnesium come into question. However, in rare cases twitching may also be due to a serious cause, such as a tumor. We will inform you in detail about various causes of nervous eye twitching and reveal what you can do to prevent it from twitching.

Why the eye twitches

When the eye twitches, there are many causes behind this symptom. The movement itself is caused by the contraction of the muscles in the eyelid. The twitching is often perceived as annoying, but is usually harmless - even if it lasts for several hours.

Nervous twitching is more common, but in many parts of the body we do not notice it. But because the muscles on the eye are directly under the skin, we are particularly aware of this.

Causes for blinking

Why the muscles of the eye twitches is different. Among others, the following causes are possible:

  • stress
  • Fatigue of the eye
  • magnesium deficiency
  • Neurological diseases
  • eye infections

The twitching of the eyes can occur on both the right and the left eye. As a rule, only one page is affected.

Nervous eyes - What to do?

If you do not suffer constantly, only from time to time under a twitching eye, usually no doctor's visit is necessary. Usually it is then a nervous winch, which is caused by stress or an irritated eye nerve.

If you suspect physical or mental stress as a trigger, you should try to calm down a bit. Do a few relaxation exercises, listen to music or meet friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Even a small massage can have a relaxing effect on the eyelid: Close your eyes and gently massage your eyelids with your fingers. When the stress subsides, the blinking of the eyes usually disappears on its own.

What helps with tired eyes?

In addition to stress, fatigue in the eye muscles can cause a nervous twitching. Mostly an overloaded eyelid lifter or eye ring muscle is the cause of the complaints. An overload of the eye, for example, by a profession in which a lot of time is spent in front of the computer, are triggered.

In such a case, it is advisable to do without computers, televisions and smartphones, at least after work. Instead, do sports, listen to music, or meet friends.

At work, you can avoid overloading the eyes with regular breaks in which you look out of the window rather than at the screen. Also, try not to stare at the screen too much but to blink more often.

Too little magnesium as a cause

If the eye twitches, a lack of magnesium can be behind the twitching. The deficiency negatively affects nerve-muscle communication, which can cause twitching of the eyes. A magnesium deficiency can arise on the one hand by a too low intake of magnesium. This can be the case, for example, with an unhealthy or very one-sided diet.

On the other hand, a deficiency can also be triggered by an increased release of magnesium. An increased need exists during pregnancy, during regular exercise and in particularly stressful life stages. In addition, diseases such as diabetes, celiac disease, chronic kidney disease or alcoholism as a trigger in question.

If you suspect that a disruption of the mineral balance is responsible for the twitching of the eyes, make sure to drink enough magnesium. The foods that are rich in magnesium include sunflower seeds, nuts, oatmeal, beans and spinach. You may also be able to access dietary supplements.

With constant wincing to the doctor

If the symptoms persist for weeks and you are constantly suffering from eyelid, you should consult a doctor so that he can determine the cause of the twitching. First, look for an ophthalmologist. This can check whether there is an infection or ametropia. For example, a slight ametropia can lead to an overstrain of the eye muscles. As a result, twitching often begins.

In addition to an ophthalmologist, a neurologist is a suitable contact person. It can rule out more serious causes such as nerve damage, brain malfunction, or tumor. However, such a cause is extremely rare.

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