Prevent eye injuries: tips for New Year's Eve

The New Year's Eve fireworks cause many thousands of people in Germany every year. In addition to burns, the flying splinters that hurt the eyes and even lead to blindness are particularly dangerous. Especially children, who are often attracted by fireworks, candles and matches magically, are among the accident patients.

Dangers lurk not only in the forbidden play with the fire. Also, a tennis ball that hits the eye, a grease spatter from the oven, a back-fasting branch or an exploding bubble bottle can severely damage our sensitive eye organ. Often the sight of injured people can no longer be saved or the affected eye even has to be removed.

What to do if an eye injury?

Specialists in eye injuries advise that first aid should be given immediately after acid burns or burns. For this, the affected eye should be thoroughly rinsed with clear water. Then you should go to an ophthalmologist immediately. Proper and timely therapy is crucial in saving the eyesight.

Especially small children are at risk of fireworks, if they come too close to the New Year's Eve rockets, playing with pop devils or looking for duds. Sand or fine splinters get in the eye quickly and become noticeable by redness, strong tearing and pain. Now it is very important to prevent the child from rubbing his eyes.

In case of eye injury to a specialist

In general, any eye injury is a case for the expert, because only he can properly assess the extent of the injury and provide the necessary immediate assistance. "We depend on the first helpers at the scene of the accident to be able to act properly and report on the accident, " explains Prof. Guthoff.

"To prevent it, keep sharp objects, matches, lighters and chemical products out of reach of children." Young people under the age of 18 should not experiment with unsafe dangerous New Year's Eve rockets.

More and more eye accidents at leisure

Improved safety at work has led to a reduction in eye injuries at work since the early 1980s. However, accidents at work on the eye still happen when goggles are not worn properly.

By contrast, the risk of accidents during leisure time is still high. For example, a tennis or squash ball that hits the eye can cause serious and, in some circumstances, irreparable damage in all areas of the eye.

Possible consequences of an eye injury

For example, in the case of injuries caused by an object bouncing against the eye, the lens may be torn out of its holding apparatus or the iris may loosen. Retinal damage of varying proportions also has potential consequences. Stab and cut injuries are one of the most common causes of eye injury.

Falling-off branches, the leaves of a holly, if one bends carelessly or the claw of the domestic cat, which suddenly jumps from the arm, can lead to cracks in the eye tissue. Very often these injuries in the recreational area are the cause of a permanent visual impairment or even a complete blindness.

Ways of treatment

If the ophthalmologist detects a perforation of the eye, the injury must be treated as quickly as possible. To avoid the risk of inflammation, the patient should also be treated with antibiotics. As with most accidents, the first treatment is also crucial for eye injuries.

The diagnostic and treatment options of eye medicine are today well advanced, so that even with serious injuries, the eyesight can be saved with timely therapy often. Damaged eye lenses can be replaced with plastic lenses, a corneal transplant can replace a damaged cornea.

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