Eye Protection - Important Precautions

Eye injuries from fireworks

On New Year's Eve, eye care emergency services are always used particularly intensively: eye injuries caused by exploding firecrackers unfortunately endanger the eyesight of many people year after year.

It is particularly tragic that children and adolescents are affected time and again. There are still a few days after New Year's Eve severe injuries in children: they find bangers that have not yet exploded, and do not deal with it in the game properly.

The following eye injuries occur frequently:

  • Smear injuries of the ocular surface
  • Foreign body in the horn and conjunctiva
  • Contusions of the eyeball (Contusio), in part with effects on the posterior segment of the eye, eg. Retinal injuries with permanent, serious visual damage
  • Perforation of the eyeball
  • Loss of the eyeball

Important precautions during fireworks

That preventive measures are successful, shows a view across the border to Denmark, as a private lecturer. Wolfgang Schrader, University Eye Hospital Würzburg notes: About 20 years ago, an awareness-raising campaign was started there on television, which led to a significant reduction in accidents. "In Denmark there is an awareness of the risk of injury, which is expressed in the fact that it is perfectly natural to wear goggles when firing New Year's fireworks and to protect the hands".

  • Bring children out of the reach of bangers or rockets
  • Exploding champagne corks on New Year's Eve are a source of danger that should not be underestimated. When opening, it is best to place a napkin or cloth over the cork and not point the bottle at people - otherwise, the year's change might quickly catch your eye.
  • Goggles: If you are into fireworks for New Year's Eve, you should buy goggles for all party guests. They are made of transparent plastic and cover the eyes completely. Even those who want to watch the fireworks as a pure spectator in the open air should protect themselves from burned rockets and exploding cannon bombers.
  • Only use tested fireworks: When buying, you should pay attention to the test number of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) - only if this test number is present, the fireworks in Germany is approved. If this number is missing, the products are difficult to assess in terms of the safety of their handling. From illegal imports or even homemade bangers can only be discouraged!
  • Store in a cool, dry place: until they are used, all blasts, rockets, etc. should be stored in a safe place away from children. It is risky to carry blasts in clothing, for example in your trouser pocket.
  • Follow instructions for use exactly: The handling instructions are for your own safety! Missiles, for example, may only be launched from sturdy cylinders or a pipe vertically upwards. Fireworks such as cannon strikes must be fired on the ground, after lighting all bystanders should keep a minimum distance.
  • Dispose of "duds": Unexploded bangers should be left for a few minutes and then poured with water, so that they can not cause damage later. Afterwards they should be disposed of properly, so that playing children can not find them.
  • Letting Alcohol Out: Ignoring the fireworks should be the responsibility of the least alcoholic adult party guest, who will be able to best take into account the risks associated with fireworks. If it is not possible to prevent heavily intoxicated persons from fireworks, one should remove oneself and - if possible in closed rooms - seek protection.
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