Eye Diseases - The most common eye diseases

Red-green weakness and squint

The red-green weakness often occurs in men, but rarely in women: Around eight percent of men have difficulty with the colors red and green and mixed colors with red or green fraction correctly distinguish. For women, it is only 0.4 percent. The red-green-visual weakness occurs in different degrees, is innate and untreatable. In everyday life, the red-green eyesight hardly bothers, the person affected has long since become accustomed to the "wrong" visual impression. For some professions such as pilots, graphic artists or police officers, however, color safety is a prerequisite.
Squinting (strabismus) can significantly impair good vision. A squinting person can not align their eyes in parallel.

Cataract and green star

The cataract is a clouding of the eye lens. It leads to a slow, painless vision loss. The cataract is treated by the surgical removal of the lens; instead, a plastic lens is used.

Green cataract (glaucoma) results from increased pressure inside the eye. This is imperceptible, but gradually damages the retina and can lead to blindness! As the disease progresses slowly, the gradually increasing "tunnel vision" of the person concerned is difficult to notice, only timely detection and drug treatment can save the eyesight, but there are also various surgical methods.

the essentials in brief

  • Short and farsighted eyes have grown less accurately in length than normal eyesight, or the refractive power of the eye lens is not ideal. Therefore, these eyes need help for optimal vision.
  • Every eye is old-sighted. This is completely normal. A progressive lens ensures good vision in old age.
  • Cataracts and cataracts are eye diseases and should be examined by the ophthalmologist.
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