Men also get bladder infections

Between the 40th and 50th years, the men are getting older: at night they have to go to the toilet several times, but the weak stream of urine often can not be more than a trickle. A residual urge remains. The cause of urinary dysfunction may be benign growths of the prostate. These narrow the urethra, which runs right through the gland. The cause of a prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) are hormonal changes that result in an individually different enlargement of the organ from the age of 40 years. Residual urine in the bladder provides ideal growth conditions for bacteria - a bladder infection can be the result.

Cystitis - not uncommon in older men

Inflammation of the urinary tract, which is more likely to affect women, are not uncommon in men, due to the formation of residual urine due to BPH. The most common risk factors for urinary tract infection by bacteria are hypothermia, poor bladder flushing - as with BPH - or decreased defenses. Constant and burning urinary frequency are the first signs of bacterial inflammation.

In most medical practices, the grip on antibiotics comes quite fast - which is also correct for a serious illness. However, simple urinary tract infections can be treated on their own. Those who start on time can cure the inflammation well by natural means.

Natural disinfection of the urinary tract

Since ancient times, the bearberry leaves have been proven in cystitis: Their main ingredient - the arbutin - disinfects namely the urinary tract. The effectiveness of bearberry leaves against various strains of bacteria has also been confirmed in scientific studies.

In order to release the actual antibacterial substance from the arbutin, an alkaline or basic urinary pH is helpful. For this vegetable foods such as vegetables, lettuce, fruits and nuts instead of meat products are to be preferred. A predominantly vegetarian diet is also the best prevention against further enlargement of the prostate.

Rinse residual urine from the bladder

The best prevention: drink a lot so that residual urine and bacteria are flushed out of the bladder - at least 2.5 to 3 liters a day. Particularly suitable for this are teas from goldenrod and birch leaves, which promote a flushing of kidney, bladder and urinary tract. Bladder and kidney tea in addition to birch leaves and goldenrod often also Orthosiphonblätter (cat beard), which also have an antibacterial effect. Bladder and kidney teas are also excellent as a supportive treatment for antibiotic therapy.

This protects the prostate and bladder:

  • Avoid smoking and obesity
  • Malnutrition, especially high meat and alcohol consumption harms the prostate
  • as well as high calorie foods (sweets), animal fat
  • Fruits and vegetables strengthen the body's defenses
  • Do not sit on cold floor, benches, walls or just with iso-underlay
  • Sweaters and jackets that reach over the hips prefer
  • Cure with bladder and kidney tea
  • Against mild urinary tract infections: film-coated tablets from bearberry leaves
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