Respiratory Therapy: Methods and Variants

Below we introduce you to different methods and variants that can be used in respiratory therapy.

Methods of respiratory therapy

Eutonie after Gerda Alexander: This method works with the unconsciously flowing breath of the client. At the same time, patterns of movement and behavior should change for the better if the therapy improves self-awareness and body sensitivity.

Breath, voice and speech training according to Schlaffhorst and Andersen: Here the breath is the link between the vegetative and the somatic level of the human being. The goal of the therapy is the improvement of breathing, voice and movement.

Breath and Leibtherapie according to Count Dürckheim: The patient should face his behavioral patterns and fears and allow a reboot. The body as a "soulful body", which forms a unity with the psyche, should be experienced in this way.

Respiratory work according to Cornelis Veening: This respiratory therapy is based on the psychology of CG Jung. Through a physical-emotional development a way from "inside out" should be offered, so that "man becomes what he should be".

Holotropic breathing according to Stanislav Grof: The intentionally used breath, ie the deep breathing up to the hyperventilation, should create a connection to the "inner healer", to the "higher self".

Breathable breathing according to Ilse Middendorf: It works with the so-called "approved breath" and with the experience that there is a reciprocal interaction between "breath, collection and sensation", while the balance between "devotion and mindfulness" is a conscious development of all Levels possible.

Integrative Breathing: The breath is used as a way to connect body, soul and spirit. Elements of different breathing schools are adapted to the individual problem situation of the patient. Other psychotherapeutic methods are also associated with the breathing experience.

Qigong: The qigong (qi = breath, gong = acquire skills) comes from traditional Chinese medicine. The goal is the harmonization of breath, mind and body.

Pranayama: Pranayama belongs as part of yoga to the oldest respiratory therapies.

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