Osteoarthritis: collagen hydrolyzate for the joints

Osteoarthritis is a painful and increasingly dysfunctional joint wear associated with non-inflammatory, degenerative joint disease. Bones that meet in joints are surrounded by elastic cartilage. This serves as a buffer for friction, shocks and loads. When this cartilage tissue is destroyed, it causes the bones that make up the joint to rub against each other. The consequence is the increasing degradation of the bone substance, which leads to the symptoms of the common disease osteoarthritis.

Is osteoarthritis a matter of age?

No! Wear and tear can have different causes. Wear and tear - especially on joints of the supporting skeleton (spine, hip and knee joints) - occur frequently in people with increasing age. But wear can also occur due to excessive stress, such as heavy work, sports and high body weight at an early age.

According to major studies, half of all 30-year-olds have signs of wear on their joints, even though they have no complaints yet. This means that nearly all people are more or less affected by joint wear during their lifetime.

In addition, hereditary factors that z. B. lead to inferior cartilage formation, and other diseases may be the root cause of premature arthrosis.

What can I do for my joints?

Once the protective articular cartilage has been completely destroyed, it can not be undone. In order to prevent joint wear, prevention must be started early and permanently. Early means: as long as there is still cartilage to stimulate the formation of new. Preventive measures include exercise and nutrition in particular:

By moving the joints are mobilized again and prevents stiffening of the joints. However, the person affected should pay attention to joint-gentle movement. Cycling and swimming are suitable sports, for example.

In addition, nutrition plays an important role. In this context, a normal body weight should be sought to relieve the joints. A diet enriched with collagen hydrolyzate, according to recent studies, represents a new opportunity to effectively promote cartilage production and thus mobility while alleviating the pain.

Cartilage assembly and pain relief by collagen hydrolyzate

The cartilage contained in joints consists to a large extent of collagenous protein. To counteract excessive cartilage degradation, these protein building blocks must be sufficiently replaced. Collagen hydrolyzate is an ideal cartilage preparation that can balance the increased need.

Collagen hydrolyzate is a pure protein that provides important amino acids for cartilage regeneration. These amino acids have an important function for the health of the joints. Studies confirm the analgesic effect at a daily dose of 10 g after only a few weeks. Both in the prevention and in the treatment of osteoarthritis a regular and permanent intake as a long-term treatment via a suitable preparation is advisable. You can obtain high-quality preparations in well-dosed powder form in your pharmacy.

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