Aquaboxing for stress management

Men are more reserved in water aerobics, in the relevant courses almost only women are frolicking. Now, swimming pools and recreational facilities also offer a water sport that is really masculine: Aquaboxes, also called Aquadrill.

Aqua sports are booming

Fortunately, blue eyes and bloody noses do not exist, because this sport is carried out without body contact and without a partner, the fists blow in the air or into the water. The very intensive full body workout is of course also suitable for women. The goal is to power up and relieve stress.

Good training condition required

Aquaboxing does not mean Aquadrill for nothing: you train to physically exhale - as in "correct" boxing. The commands are given by a coach or a trainer from the pool edge, music sets the rhythm. The training takes place in the deep water. The water itself offers as in aquajogging and aqua gymnastics a resistance that trains the muscles excellently without burdening the joints. In order to increase the water resistance further you put on special boxing gloves. The movements promote balance, concentration and stamina. Targeted right and left exercises require the attention of water sports.

A positive effect: Water is the ideal fat killer, the decisive factor is the high thermal conductivity of the water. The entire metabolism is stimulated enormously, because the body tries to counteract the permanent loss of body heat. The energy consumption in the water is therefore considerably higher than with activities on land. The arm and leg movements are borrowed from boxing and Thai boxing, in this way, flexibility, responsiveness and body control are trained. But here the movements are slowed down, which allows a clearer perception of controlled movements. Jerky movements and blows are almost impossible.

The participants gain a new body awareness after a few training sessions. Endurance, coordination, agility and dexterity, as well as body control, are given special training. But martial arts experience is not necessary. The endurance and strength endurance is also increased, but that also means that you are physically exhausted. Peter Freyer, sports instructor at the swimming federation North Rhine-Westphalia, instructor of official aqua fitness coaches since 1994, warns therefore explicitly against joining an aquaboxing course as an untrained newcomer, "because training demands a lot from the body, the pulse jumps up". This can lead to cardiovascular problems in older people or participants who rarely do sports. Therefore, you should first consult a doctor, if the rather exhausting Aquaboxen is really suitable.

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