Aqua fitness offers have developed rapidly in recent years. Terms like aquajogging, hydropower or aquabalancing are the new buzz words and confuse. The Aqua Fitness Compass of the North Rhine-Westphalia Swimming Association distinguishes the various sports according to the degree of their physical demands - so there is something for seniors as well.

Aqua Fitness for more endurance and relaxation

Some aqua-workouts are more likely to train endurance such as aqua jogging. Aquadancing requires coordination, while aqua-balancing promotes relaxation.

Every participant benefits from the special effects of the water: it massages and promotes blood circulation, it reduces the strain on the tendons and joints, and strengthens the musculature perfectly.

Effect of aqua fitness

As the conductivity of water is 25 times higher than that of air, the heat production of the body is increased, which increases the energy consumption and stimulates the metabolism.

The preventive effect of Aqua Fitness against back problems and cardiovascular diseases has been proven. This is why many health insurance companies recognize it as a health prevention and offer their insured premiums if they prove their participation.

More and more sports clubs, gyms and baths incorporate aqua fitness into their programs.

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