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There are around 20, 000 apple varieties worldwide, of which over 1, 000 grow in Germany. They can be roughly divided into summer, autumn and winter apples.

Apples: Available in every season

  • Summer apples: The former mature in July / August and are not suitable for storage. These include, for example, the clear or the August apple, James Grieve and Gravensteiner.
  • Autumn apples: After the season opening for apples, the classic autumn apples can be enjoyed from September to the beginning of November. With them, for example, the Renette or Alkmene, fall Pflück- and Genussreife together, ie, you do not have them mature and can eat or process the same.
  • Winter apples: Even winter apples such as Boskop, poppy or Boikenapfel are harvested in autumn, but they are not yet ready to enjoy. Only after a few weeks storage are they mature and taste completely aromatic. Although Elstar, Braeburn, Idared and others can be bought at any time, these are special breeds or imports.

Typical aroma

The regional varieties, which are usually found on the regional markets or farm shops, however, depending on the origin of a typical flavor, which also easily tastes the layman. This is how an Aargau hunter's apple from the Upper Rhine tastes completely different from, say, northern Schlieswige Gravensteiner or the Rote Triersche Weinapfel. In Germany, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Elstar, Cox Orange, Boskop, Rubinette, Gala and Braeburn are most frequently purchased.

Boskop have a rough, matte shell, usually dark red or dull orange. The big fruits are picked from the end of September and can be enjoyed from December to April. The juicy pulp becomes mellow over time. Boskop taste aromatic and intense fruity, so they are especially suitable for baking and cooking.

Golden Delicious, on the other hand, has only a slight acidity and a juicy-sweet aroma. The white-yellowish, crisp flesh later becomes soft. The green-yellow apple picks from mid-September to mid-October and remains ripe for consumption until May.

Hybrid with Golden Delicious are Elstar, Gala, Jonagold and Rubinette. The former are characterized by their intense aromatic taste with a balanced sugar-acid ratio. The thin shell of the small to medium-sized fruits is yellow with a bright red cover color. Elstar can also be enjoyed until May, while rubinettes are only harvested in October and the harvest maturity only lasts until January. The round to conical Rubinette has a yellow shell that is slightly washed out to bright red striped. The stem is noticeably long. Its yellowish, juicy flesh tastes balanced and rich in content.

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