Anti-aging - what can you do yourself?

What can you do yourself?

A healthy, fiber-rich diet with lots of vitamins and minerals, regular exercise and sufficient sleep are among the most important pillars of the young. But even a happy private life is life-prolonging. For example, married women live on average 4.5 years longer, in men, the difference between married and bachelor life even ten years.

Supply of antioxidants

Above all, an adequate supply of antioxidants plays an important role in nutrition. They bind oxygen radicals present in the body, ie reactive oxygen compounds, and thus prevent these free radicals from destroying the body's own cells and causing diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cancer or rheumatism.

Free radicals are formed by oxidative stress, which in turn is caused by high-fat diets, serious illnesses, injuries, professional or private stress, lack of sleep, but also excessive sports and extended sunbathing.

Antioxidants may be vitamins, proteins, minerals or phytochemicals. Man can feed them through his food. According to recent findings, this is often not enough, so that a targeted supplement can make sense.

Healthy life attitude

In addition to regular exercise and a healthy diet, the review of one's own attitude to life is part of the anti-aging process. Positive thinking people usually have better mental coping strategies. They exert less stress and thus spare their defenses. Anyone who can laugh at themselves shows sovereignty and serenity - and has good conditions to grow old happy and healthy.

Risks and benefits

The anti-aging medicine goes beyond a healthy lifestyle. While a few years ago, the focus was still on the allocation of vitamins and minerals, some anti-aging physicians today advocate delaying the onset of aging by targeted additions of hormones. Estrogens have the effect of rejuvenating the skin in post-menopausal women and preventing mood changes typical of menopause.

In older men, androgen replacement seems to prevent fat loss and muscle breakdown. However, the use of hormones among physicians is considered controversial. About six years ago, one study found that adding estrogen may increase breast cancer risk. There are now voices questioning the methodology and results of the study.

Some physicians believe that drinking alcohol and being overweight regularly has more breast cancer risks than getting estrogen. When it comes to giving hormones to men, it is not yet clear whether this will promote the growth of tumors in the prostate and liver.

Natural hormones

Because of the good compatibility, plant hormones (phytohormones) have gained in popularity in recent years. Similar to the animal hormones they control growth processes, but do not usually have the same strength as prescription hormone preparations.

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